Conclusion and Work Ahead for Completion

The eleven cities used in eTec and Nissan implementation of an electric vehicle infrastructure will initiate a decrease in the national dependence of petroleum for transportation. Within the eleven cities, Tennessee has three cities that will be able to employ a drivable corridor linked with EVSE between Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. eTec and TVA stated that Tennessee should receive 50-60 DC fast chargers, 1200 commercial Level II EVSE, and 1000 residential Level II EVSE (all eTec brand). If eighteen DC fast chargers are dedicated for highway corridor use, then that leaves 10-14 fast chargers per city in Tennessee participating in The EV Project.  Through research and simulation, it is believed that the Nissan LEAF can travel between 50 and 75 miles in Chattanooga on a single charge, so most EV drivers will be able to run their daily errands within Chattanooga before re-charging is required. The recommended placement of the EVSE within the Chattanooga area is based on areas with high daily traffic that provide greater EVSE accessible location within the city. Site location 8 at Hamilton place, site 4 North Gate Mall, site 2 Highway 27 below Signal Mountain, and site 11 in the downtown area would be the most conducive location to promote the EVI and reduce range anxiety. These site hub locations should contain two Level II EVSE and three DC fast chargers. As Nissan and other manufactory introduce more EVs to the infrastructure and surrounding area, the recommendation to add additional hub location would increase the confidence and satiability of electric vehicle within the City of Chattanooga.

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