Economical Analysis and Decision Analysis

Financial Information

The federal government awarded eTec a $99.8 million grant specifically for the purchasing and installation of charging stations in the project’s eleven markets (2). This sum of money is a part of The U.S. Department of Energy’s $2.4 billion funds which come from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Part of the requirement for becoming a market in this 36 month project is to supply matching money from regional participants (2). If all of the money is matched, then this gives The EV Project a total of $199.6 million (5). There are 43 regional project partners. Tennessee’s regional participants include EPB Chattanooga, Hamilton County TN, Knoxville Utilities Board, Nashville Electric Service, Nashville Davidson County, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee Valley Authority, The City of Chattanooga, The City of Knoxville, and The State of Tennessee (19).

Since the exact amount of money eTec is planning on investing in the Chattanooga area is not known, equal distribution to each market is assumed until the final exact disbursement of funds has been reported. This estimate predicts that Tennessee has the possibility of receiving $54 million and Chattanooga $18 million. It is known that Tennessee’s 2009-2010 budget will include $5 million to be invested in Tennessee’s EVI from a press release issued by The Governor’s Office (5).

Site Appraisal Criteria

A site appraisal report will be used to assess the quality and specifications for each proposed charging location. Each appraisal report will include the address for the proposed site and a location description of where the charging stations will be placed at the site. Also included is a description of the power source access, whether the power is supplied through above-ground or underground utilities. Driver types, number of charging stations, and types of charging stations are also taken into consideration and are recorded in the site appraisal. The number of accessible businesses in a one block radius will be recorded and used to analyze the average amount of time spent charging each vehicle. The estimated time per charge will then be recorded. Best estimates will be used in determining the number of vehicles charged (per 24-hour period) at the proposed site. Each site appraisal report will serve to better determine the quality of each proposed charging location site.

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