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OPM spends $133M on credit monitoring

22 million people to have their info monitored for 3 years.

Many victims of OPM Fed Govt Breach still don’t know they’re victims.

Up to 21.5 million notifications to be sent this month.

Google to “downrank” sites that prompt for App installs

Have you visited a site and had “Tapatalk” offered for install on your mobile device? ¬†Google is now automatically lowering the search rank of such sites.

Alliance for Open Media

Google, Intel, Amazon, Mozilla, Microsoft, Netflix, and others working together to specify open media formats “for the future.”¬†

Windows 7 & 8 get Windows 10 User Tracking Features

With the latest set of patches Microsoft has included some of the tracking features of Windows 10 into earlier version.

Chrome blocks autoplay Flash on Sept 1 to bring a better ad experience?

Naked Security tells how Google plans to improve our ad experience by blocking Flash.

IOS malware targets jailbroken iPhones, 225k accounts compromised.

Most of the victims were in China.

Android applications using “exploits” to get “root”

At least one case of “malware” using these “certificate-based” exploits made it into the Google Play store.

0Day in Mercury and Dolphin Android Browsers

If you use the Mercury or Dolphin Browser, time to use something else until this vulnerability is patched.

The AshMad Aftermath

Lawsuits, SPAM, and something much worse.