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Ransomware As A Service

Moving to being a multibillion dollar “industry,”  ransomware continues to evolve.

“Shimmer” Credit Card Chip Readers

The bad guys are now “skimming” chip enabled credit cards with “shimmer” hardware.

Apple Releases Patches

Apple has released patches for almost all of its products.  Time to update.

Krebs on the Mirai Botnet

The author, the code, and the results.  A long post but worth reading if you’re interested in security.

WhatsApp “Back Door” Means Facebook Can Read Your Messages

Turns out FB can force a new key to be used for encryption, and if they have a copy, they can read your messages.

Microsoft Addresses Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

There will be a new dashboard showing what gets sent to Microsoft and allowing users some measure of control.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches for Jan, 2017.

Adobe Patch Tuesday

Adobe has released critical patches for Flash, Reader, and Acrobat.  Update ASAP.

27k MongoDB Databases Affected by Ransomware

Too many MongoDBs are unsecured and available via the Internet.

Hello Kitty Database Leaked

3.3 million fans affected.