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GHOST:New glibc flaw could lead to exploit

They’ve already demoed a working exploit of Exim, make sure to check for a patch soon.

Mind Boggling, Apple posts $18B in profits

A new record.

Apple OS X 10.10.2 Update

Apple has released a new patch for Yosemite.  Use the App Store to update soon.

Adobe Flash Patch

Adobe will start pushing out (via Flash Auto Update) another fix for a 0day flaw being used to infect PCs.  Chrome and IE10/11 should be getting patches as well. You can also manually trigger the update to version

Apple to allow China to view iPhone guts

China will get full access to the iPhone and all its components.

Google’s Project Zero targets OSX

After releasing flaws in Microsoft products, Google has done the same for Apple.

Another Adobe Flash 0day

Less than two days since patching the last 0day, another one has been discovered.  Expect another patch soon.

Adobe Patches 0Day in Flash

Patch if you use it.

Details on Windows 10 and other things from yesterday

Microsoft put on a big show for Windows 10 and other new stuff.

Windows 10 is free for Win 7, 8, 8.1 users for the first year

Upgrade for free.