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51 UPS Stores suffer credit card theft

Cash registers had malware installed that collected CC/debit card info.

UK study puts cost of ad free Internet at $230

More than 50% just click through w/o reading, 16% use ad blockers.

Another reason you should use Google Chrome

Another layer of protection is being added to Chrome.  Auto blocking of things that will change your browser settings without your knowledge.

Apple Safari Patch

Apple has released a patch for a critical vulnerability in Safari that would allow “click to own.”  If you click on the wrong link, the bad guy has full access to your Mac.  All users should use Software Update to patch.

New USB reversible “C” connector

No more worries about upside down USB.

Adobe patches Flash, Reader, Acrobat

Adobe has released critical patches for Flash, Reader, and Acrobat.  All users should patch ASAP.

Black Hat Videos

If you like watching professional hackers, take a look.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

It’s that time again, please make sure your Windows PCs and Microsoft Products are patched.

California to require “kill switches” on cell phones

Turn them off  in case they’re stolen.

“Rachel from Cardholder Services” and Defcon

where they set up a contest called “Zapping Rachel” for hackers to build a honeypot for attracting robocallers.