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Safari users may be able to sue Google soon over secret cookies

Google worked around Safari’s private browsing mode and now may pay for that decision.

Game streaming site Twitch suffers breach

Twitch users should change their passwords ASAP.

Android gets “on body detection”

Google introduces ability for Android phones to detect being held or in a pocket to stay unlocked.

Amazon Prime Music gets radio stations

Prime members using iOS can now listen to streaming stations.

Samsung to add Microsoft apps to Android phones

Some Samsung phones will come preinstalled with Microsoft Onedrive, OneNote, and Skype.

Pwn2Own 2015

All major browsers fell to hackers at this years Pwn2Own, so did Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash/Reader.

Hilton Honors Members should change passwords now.

If you are a member of Hilton Honors, you should change your password now and earn 1000 point.  A flaw allowed anyone with the proper technique to see your account info.

New password options in OS 8.3

Apple has introduced some new features for password usage.

Windows 10 may require secure boot

Options may change, but Microsoft might make Windows 10 and another OS cooperatively dual-booting an impossibility.

No, Windows 10 will not be free for pirates

Pirates will be able to upgrade, but the still will have invalid licenses and be unable to patch, get support, etc.