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Microsoft Requires TPM Hardware for Windows 10

From now on Microsoft requires PC¬†manufacturers to include Trusted Platform Management 2.0 hardware if they’re going to be using Windows 10.

LastPass Security Updates

LastPass has released some critical updates.  Firefox users especially should make sure to update the extension.

DNC’s Weak Passwords

Such as obamain08.

OurMine Hacking Team Tests TechCrunch’s Security

OurMines temporarily took over TechCrunch’s CMS.

KickAss Torrent Founder Arrested

The 30 year old Ukraine resident has been arrested.

Intel Ships Kaby Lake

Intel has started shipping its latest chipset.

Black Hat Hacker Interview via Sock Puppet

The guy who hacked the “Hacking Team” does an interview represented by a sock puppet.

Oracle Patches Java, Others

If you use Java or an other Oracle product you should patch ASAP.

DNSSEC Used To Perform DDoS Attack

The clever bad guys used DNSSEC to create a DDoS with 6 different attack vectors.

The World’s Smallest Hard Drive:Atoms For Data Storage

Some really smart Dutch people have used atoms to store data.