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Google’s Customer Match

Advertisers will be able to upload your email address to target you via Google’s AdWords ad network.

New IOS Malware, YiSpectre, targest non-jailbroken devices

Multiple infection vectors (HTML, app install, QQ social network) and digitally signed components improve the odds of infection.  It spies on you, produces ads, installs programs, and more…

HTC says monthly updates unrealistic

HTC will not be updating its phones on a monthly schedule saying carriers will prevent this from happening.

Donation Site Patreon Hacked

Patreon allows people to support artists with donations.  The site suffered a security breach but the admins say everything is hashed (except email addr and names) and no CC numbers are stored there.  Users should change their passwords just to be safe.

T-Mobile Users Beware

A breach at Experian, a credit company used by T-Mobile, could have put 15 million user’s data at risk.

Peeple, the “rate everyone” app

Anyone will be able to “rate” you using this app, and all these will be publicly available including summaries and scores.

StageFright 2.0

The next phase of exploiting a vulnerable library (StageFright) could happen via the mobile browser.

Microsoft vs. Google Patent War is Over

No one knows who won, but MS and GooG have dismissed all patent lawsuits between the two.

El Capitan, Root is no longer Root

*Nix users are used to being all powerful on the OS, but that is no longer true with the latest OS X by default.

OS X El Capitan Released Today, Incompatible with Office 2016

If you decide to install El Capitan today, your Office for the Mac 2016 will be unstable.