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Google to sell insurance?

Wonder what the mascot/icon will be…

15% of business cloud accounts hacked?

According to the company Netskope.

Some ASUS routers have backdoor

The infosvr service running on port 9999 could allow a bad guy full access to the router.

Microsoft changes security notifications

Now you have to register and pick your products to get advanced notification of patches.

FCC wants Internet as a Utility?

FCC chief hints at Public Utility rules may be used for ISPs.

More details on Why the US thought it was N Korea in Sony Pictures hack

They “got sloppy” with hiding their IPs.

Deeper into the dangers of POODLE

Do you want to know more about last year’s MITM SSL attack?

Minecraft dominates search on Youtube

In 2014 most searches on Youtube were trying to find Minecraft related videos.

Inside CryptoLocker 2

Security experts at Cisco pulls apart the latest version of the malware.

Toyota releases fuel cell patents

Another car maker opening up to foster innovation.