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Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup

Microsoft has posted a massive update for Windows 7 users but does not contain security fixes, only recommended patches from Microsoft that make things “more convenient.”

More Ads Coming To Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft will be promoting more apps in the Win 10 Start Menu.  The number is to “double” and they will be from the Windows Apps Store.

iOS 9.3.2

Apple has patched iOS, update your iDevices.

OS X 10.11.5 and iTunes 12.4

Apple has released updates for OS X and iTunes, update if you use them.

Update 7-Zip if you use it.

A new version of 7-zip has been released to patch security flaws.

Phishing Warning: Subject Staff Information (MAY-2016 Bullentin)

If you receive a bogus email warning about 45 minutes to change your password, please just delete it.  If you have any questions please call Client Services at 4254000.

Phishing Warning: Subject Important Message

If you receive an email from “Staffs Department” please just delete it.  If you have questions please call Client Services at 4000.

Adobe Patches Flash

Adobe has released a patch for Flash.  Time to update if you use it.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches for May.

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report

Vulnerabilities have a long life.