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Next Week is Patch Tuesday

A large number of patches that include 5 critical ones.

Microsoft Office mobile editing is now free

You can now edit xlsx, docx for free with Office for iOS and Android (preview only).

The rise and fall of Silk Road 2.0

The short but profitable life of the second version of the “black market site.”

A few more details on the Home Depot hack

Not many more details…

Some Dept of Homeland Security employees data stolen

Attack on a contracted company may have placed some employee’s data at risk.

OS X and iOS WireLuker malware

It targets OS X 64 bit and waits for an iOS device to be connected.  It then infects the iPhone/iPad, scanning for confidential information.  First appeared in “warez” software.

Android 5 Lollipop fixes SD card file access problems

KitKat limited the access apps had to SD cards, neutering most file manager.  Lollipop fixes that.

Google’s nogotofail dev tool for detecting ssl/tls bugs

Google has released a tool for developers to detect problems in ssl/tls encryption during live sessions.

Scamming Visa for just under $1m

Requires an “evil” POS terminal and some specific knowledge…

Apple Pay boosts Google Wallet

The age of NFC payments may be almost here.