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Nanophotonics – The Power of White Lasers

Could allow for the implementation of LiFi, network connectivity over indoor lighting.

Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Others Say We Need Strong Encryption

Big companies seem to agree that government backdoors could be exploited by the bad guys and if they know about the backdoor they will just use another layer of encryption.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

I have found the virtual desktops on OS X to be vital to my usage of a laptop, Windows 10 has a similar technology.

New Versions of Nmap and Wireshark

Nmap has been updated to version 7 while Wireshark is now at version 2.

TrueCrypt Passes Another Audit

A German security firm audited TrueCrypt and found it “safe to use.”

StarWood Hotels, Operator of Many Major Hotel Chains, Hacked

If you’ve stayed in a hotel recently you might want to checkout the list of more than 50 hotels affected by the breach.  

How Covert Channels Drain Android’s Battery Life

MIT investigates how many popular apps, even when told not to communicate externally, use covert channels to transfer information about what you are doing.

Android Accessibility Service Can Bring Malware

Installing Apps from 3rd party stores can bring malware that exploits the Accessibility Service and can survive a full factory reset.

Swatting Can Bring 5 to Life

Sending a SWAT team to someone’s house could get you 5 to life in prison.

Amazon Enables Two Factor Authentication

You can now secure your Amazon browsing with TFA.