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Apple releases iOS 8.3

All iOS users (ipad,iphone) should update to the latest version for security updates.

Windows Nano Server

No GUI, no Remote Desktop, no Win32.  Meant for cloud computing.

Apple releases OS 10.10.3

Apple has released an update for Yosemite that includes security fixes and the new Photos app.  Available via App Store.

The Apple Watch

The Verge reviews the newest Apple device.

TrueCrypt audit finds no back doors.

The code audit of TrueCrypt finds no installed back doors and few security problems.

Just pay for the password..

A recent study shows corporate employees will sell their passwords, cheap.

Safari users may be able to sue Google soon over secret cookies

Google worked around Safari’s private browsing mode and now may pay for that decision.

Game streaming site Twitch suffers breach

Twitch users should change their passwords ASAP.

Android gets “on body detection”

Google introduces ability for Android phones to detect being held or in a pocket to stay unlocked.

Amazon Prime Music gets radio stations

Prime members using iOS can now listen to streaming stations.