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Using “Shimmer” to Steal from EMV Chip Enabled Cards

A new device named “Shimmer” performs a MITM attack on EMV chip enabled credit cards.

iOS 9.3.4

Apple has released a security related update, patch now.

Apple’s Bounty Program

Apple will now give cash for vulnerabilities found.

Dropbox Paper

Sort of Google Docs simplified.

Classic Shell 4.3.0 Trojan

If you downloaded Classic Shell (Windows Start Menu Replacement)  on 08/02 and installed it, the MBR of your PC might be damaged.

Hackers Steal $65m in Bitcoin

Bitcoin value down 5.5% due to the theft.

xDelic, The BlackMarket “AWS”

Bad Guys can “hire” compromised PCs starting at $10.

Telegram Hacked

Up to 15m Iranian phone numbers have been harvested from Telegram.

AV-Test Scores Popular Home AV Products

The results of their latest test of home computing antivirus products.

200M Old Yahoo Account Details For Sale

Hacker called Peace is offering 200M Yahoo accounts for 3 bitcoin on The Dark Web.