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Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Make sure to patch your Microsoft Products. 

Microsoft Changes Patching

No longer will businesses and home users be able to pick and choose what updates to apply.

Adobe Patches Flash and Reader

If you use Adobe products, make sure you patch them.  71 flaws.

Galaxy Note 7 is Dead.

If you own one, turn it off and turn it in.

Lovelace Day

One of the first “programmers.”

Turkey Blocks Cloud Services to Prevent Email Leaks

Approximately 57k emails have been stolen.

Guns and Drugs on Facebook’s MarketPlace

Facebook is facing problems with its eBay competitor.

Krebs on IoT Hacked Devices

Which Internet of Things devices are hacked most often?

Another Critical OpenSSL Patch

Another flaw that could allow remote code execution.  Patch your systems.

Homeland Security says Voting is Safe

No evidence that US voting data has been hacked.