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Bad guys have 1 billion passwords, probably a record.

A “Russian” gang of “hackers” have gather a record number of Internet usernames and passwords.

Don’t aim lasers at aircraft

a 26-year-old to one year and nine months in prison for firing two different laser pointers at a Kern County Sheriff’s Office helicopter over a six month period in 2013

Another NSA “leaker”

Apparently Edward Snowden is not alone

Critical Vulnerability in Samba 4.x

A flaw has been found in Samba that allows remote access through a flaw in nmbd with root level rights.  Ubuntu has released a patch, but nothing from Redhat yet.  Patch or disable nmbd if you run an newer version of Samba.

Update: PF Changs in Chattanooga affected by security breach

“On Tuesday, June 10, the United States Secret Service alerted P.F. Chang’s to a possible security compromise involving credit and debit card data reportedly stolen from certain P.F. Chang’s China Bistro branded restaurants located in the continental United States. An investigation into this incident was immediately initiated. Our team, including third-party forensics experts, has been working continuously to understand the nature and scope of the incident. This investigation is

NFL allows use of Microsoft Surface during games

A deal between NFL and MS to promote both companies.

Mozilla leaks addresses and passwords of developers

Another company suffers data loss, this time from a failed “data santization script.”

Microsoft EMET 5.0

If you want to improve Windows security, and you are a power user, you should be using EMET.  Now allows blocking of plugins per application, aka no calls to java via Word.

Jimmy John’s Sandwich may have suffered data breach

A breach may have occurred.  If you used your credit card at JJ’s recently, you might want to call your card company to make sure all is well.

Office for iPad updated

New features such as export to PDF.