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OpenSSL Patch

RedHat and Ubuntu are unaffected.  Allows “anyone” to be a certificate authority.  Check your Linux boxes.

Adobe releases Emergency Flash Patch

If you use Flash, you need to patch now.

HackingTeam Adobe Flash Vulnerability

Another vulnerability has surfaced in Adobe Flash, no patch of yet.

Firefox and Thunderbird found vulnerabilities, Patch Now.

All users of Firefox and/or Thunderbird should upgrade now.

Italian “Hacking Team” gets Hacked

An Italian company that specialized in providing hacking services for Governments has lost 400G of data to hackers.

Apple releases patches for OS X, IOS, Safari.

All Apple owners should use the App store to update their Apple software.

Cisco to buy OpenDNS

Cisco will by the DNS provider.

ICANN may release WHOIS information.

Any personal information (phone number, email, address, etc.) used during domain registration.  

Critical Adobe Flash Patch

Adobe has released an emergency patch for Flash on Linux, Windows and OS X.  All users should upgrade ASAP.  Chrome uses it’s own version so check to make sure you’ve got the latest version of that browser.

Tox, Create Your Own Ransomware

A new ransomware framework named Tox allows you to create your own malware for free.  They take 20% of your haul.