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Arcade in your browser

The Internet Archive project has brought 900 games to your browser.

The spread of the SuperCookie

AT&T and Verizon tracking user’s browsing habits using these hard to avoid markers.

RemoteIE, Run Internet Explorer on your iPad

Why would we want to do that?

New “root w/o password” vulnerability for Yosemite?

No public details of a new vulnerability in the latest OS X.

Techcrunch reviews Nexus 9 and Lollipop

TC reviews the new tablet and OS.

New Outlook for Mac

Available to Office 365 users, the new version of Outlook brings some features that were available on Windows only.

DistroWatch Weekly

New info on OpenBSD 5.6 and more.

Disney’s piracy free search engine

Ranks results on “authenticity” to make sure you don’t get pirated content.

Windows 8 goes to 15%, XP under 20%

Windows 8 and 8.1 is gaining a larger install base.

Windows 10 gets MKV support

Also h.265 codec.