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Acceptable Use of UT Chattanooga Devices

As you have probably all noticed that over the past several months we have seen an increase in the amount of SPAM in our inboxes. Some of this increase can be attributed to links that people at UTC have clicked on in SPAM emails. It is important for everyone to remember that everyone plays a big role in helping to keep our network safe. It is also important to

Wi-Fi upgrades in residence halls

Hello UTC residents! Have you heard the good news? You’re getting a network upgrade if you live in UTC’s residence halls! Click here to read Chancellor Angle’s message. As Chancellor Angle mentioned, the current Wi-Fi in UTC’s residence halls isn’t able to support the huge number of devices trying to connect. This is because the current system wasn’t designed to handle the huge growth of mobile devices on campus. Students

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Game console NAT type – update

Back in November in response to a lot of students asking about it, I wrote about the different game console NAT types to explain why users were dealing with moderate and strict NATs and what UTC could do to fix it.  Today I’m writing to let everyone know that if you connect to the “UTC” wireless network anywhere on campus or any of the wired ports in any of

Office 365 Free for Current UTC Students

Office 365 is free for current students with Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS 10.10 or later for installation on up to five devices (computers, tablets, phones). Navigate to the following link to begin your download of the Office 365 Suite of applications: You will be prompted to login with your student email address. When you have input your Mocsmail address, Microsoft will send you an email with

Phishing Alert: “Warning! Upgrade Your Mailbox”

If you receive a warning purportedly from UTK warning “upgrading your mailbox”, please just delete it.

“RE: IT SUPPORT” Phishing Scam

If you receive email with the subject of “RE:IT SUPPORT” saying you are at the limit of your mailbox quota, please just delete it.  The link leads to a poorly designed phishing site.

PS4 Hacked To Run Gentoo Linux

Using a series of NOPs to attack the GPU, the FailOverflow team has managed to get Gentoo to run on a PS4.  Details in the presentation at the 32nd CCC conference.

UTC Internet Connectivity Upgrade

On the afternoon of December 8, 2015 UTC performed an upgrade to its internet connectivity with EPB. Prior to the upgrade, the University utilized two separate 1Gbps connections to EPB for internet access. This upgrade replaced one of the 1Gbps links with one running at 10Gbps. The increase results in the University now having more than five times the amount of bandwidth capacity to the internet. UTC now has

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Somehow the TLS private keys got leaked and now they can be used for a MITM attack.  Automatic updates on Windows and most browsers will eliminate this problem soon.

US Post Office Will Email Images of Your Envelopes

USPS will be testing a service of emailing users photos of the envelopes of their postal mail.