Blog Archives Private Keys Now Public

Somehow the TLS private keys got leaked and now they can be used for a MITM attack.  Automatic updates on Windows and most browsers will eliminate this problem soon.

US Post Office Will Email Images of Your Envelopes

USPS will be testing a service of emailing users photos of the envelopes of their postal mail.

Jeff Kell Obituary

I worked with Jeff for over 20 years.  He will be missed.

Game Console NAT Types

In response to a question that gets raised from time to time, the following attempts to explain why gaming consoles sometimes have trouble playing online games.  The issue really stems from the use of NAT on the University network. Possible NAT types seen on consoles Nintendo Open, Moderate, Strict Info on Nintendo NAT types Xbox: Open, Moderate, Strict Info on Xbox NAT types Play Station: Open (type 1), Moderate

How secure is your information?

The New York Times just published an article about hacking someone who thought they weren’t that connected online. What are your thoughts about your connectivity? Are you secure? Visit our IT Security page to get tips on how to keep your information safe.

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Today is Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released this month’s patches that includes 4 that are critical.  Adobe has also released patches for Acrobat and Reader.

200k servers still vulnerable to Heartbleed

One of last year’s greatest vulnerabilities still posses a serious threat.

Your free AntiVirus may be selling your surfing habits.

If you use AVG or AVAST free products, you might want to read about their 3rd party policy.

AdBlock Plus paying other blockers to allow its “acceptable ads?

A French blog is stating that ABP is pushing its “extortion advertising model” to other blockers for $$.

FCC may ban router mods like DDWRT

In trying to lock down parameters like signal strength output, the FCC may require locked down routers.