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New UTC Website live

Checkout UTC website at

Issues Logging on to UTC Online – Blackboard

If you are still having trouble logging in to UTC Online, please change your password.  If you do not know your password, you should follow the prompts at the following link: Get help with password problems. Otherwise, instructions for changing your password can be found in this Knowledge Base article. UTC Online Administrator Center for Online/Distance Learning   See also previous story about password changes.

My Favorite Freeware Sites (Windows)

My top 3. Gizmo’s Freeware – Ranked choices based upon function. Ninite – Install the most popular freeware via one app, pick and choose. Filehippo – Greater selection than Ninite but install one at a time.

Firefox 22 Released

Mozilla has released Firefox 22 that fixes 14 vulnerabilities. You can download it from Slug.

New Password Self-Service Site Now Available

I am just reposting parts of an email from our CIO, Tom Hoover. “This service will replace our current change and forgot password process. So the next time you have to change your password you will use IAM.” You will setup some security questions allowing you to reset your password in case you forget it.

Web Site Redesign – project news

IT Web Services Team is engaged in redesigning the University web site and implementing an easy to use web contents management system. Web Services projects including a total UTC web site redesign by University Relations and an easy to use web content management solution (using Omniupdate) are on target for Go Live in late summer 2013. This will include a fresh, accessible, and mobile ready University public web site,

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New Password Self-Service Site Now Available

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the availability of a new Password Self-Service for all Students, Employees, and Affiliates of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga called Identity and Access Management (IAM). This system will allow you to manage your utcID password safely and securely. This is done by visiting where you will login using your utcID and password. Benefits: Reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.

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UTC IT – What’s in it for me?

      The University has been working hard to improve IT service levels for faculty, staff, and students this year.  On June 3rd, a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) system will automate many routine administrative tasks to grant access to key UTC systems much faster than ever before. While many of these enhancements will affect what happens behind the scenes, there will be some new functions that

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Datacenter Gets New SAN

This week the Datacenter group got our new SAN.  This will be our biggest project of the year and we’re all very excited about it. A SAN (Storage Area Network) can be thought of as a gigantic external hard drive, but rather than holding files and folders with our spreadsheets and documents, it holds the software images of the servers that everyone uses all over campus.  These software images

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Identity and Access Management

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is finishing up the first phase of our Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation. Over the last 8 months, UTC Information Technology and partners from across the campus have been working hard to improve the current processes for managing accounts for users across all of the applications we use. As the University grows and adopts new technologies for learning, managing access to sensitive

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