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What in the world is the O: drive?

Many employees are aware of the purpose of the S: Drive (Departmental Share) where they can store documents on a networked storage drive. But what in the world is the O: Drive mapping? Many of our employees access not only their primary departmental shared folder, but often need access to other departmental shares spread across other volumes. For example, your S: drive is mapped to your primary department let’s

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Ask the CIO on Wednesday 3/25

Wednesday, March 25, 12-1, we will host our monthly Ask the CIO with Tom Hoover, Robbie Reel and Jess Williams. Tom will review the monthly happenings in IT around campus. Robbie and Jess will be presenting, “UTC Wireless” covering how wireless works at UTC, design, how to access wireless, costs, etc. They will also talk about typical home wireless and how it compares to an enterprise wireless structure such

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Dan Chase Wins at OmniUpdate

Congratulations to our own Dan Chase! At the recent OmniUpdate conference he was presented with the customer of the year award. Click on the link below for more information.  

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Spotlight on the Digital Students-Wireless Networks at UTC

Most students at UTC probably take wireless coverage on campus for granted. On February 20 the digital students were given a look into what it takes to keep wireless working at UTC, what some of the issues faced are, and had a brief primer on the technology that keeps our campus online. The presentation by Mr. Jess Williams was a brief, but focused, look at everything from the bandwidths used

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Digital Students

In a new initiative for UTC several students are being given an inside look at just how the UTC IT system works. This year, for the first time, several students (with majors ranging from Computer Science to Interior Design) are being taught what goes into the infrastructure of a modern campus. Speaking with their instructor Mr. Robbie Reel he expressed a hope that this will help the students no

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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6

The Verge does a comparison.

Microsoft Update 3033929 causing reboots on Windows 7

If you use Windows 7 or Windows 2008R2, be wary of MS 3033929.

UTC hosted GENI “rack” in the news

On the Chattanoogan.

Qualtrics: More than just surveys

At the Ask the CIO meeting on 1/28/15 Carson Coe gave a presentation on Qualtrics and how it can be used for more than just surveys. Mr. Coe has used the survey program to create a step by step instructional guide for registering network devices, with unique messages tailored to the specific device that a student or faculty member is trying to register. Innovative approaches like this, along with

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Constant Vigilance! UTC IT Security  

In IT everyone knows that security is important part of their job, but for Mr. Michael Dinkins and Mr. David Bean security is their entire job. Speaking at a meeting on January 21, 2015 Mr. Bean outlined the potential security threats that had manifested over the past year with several chilling examples. The Home Depot hack, 56 million payment card numbers and 53 million email addresses stolen. Total cost:

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