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Apple releases patches for OS X, IOS, Safari.

All Apple owners should use the App store to update their Apple software.

Cisco to buy OpenDNS

Cisco will by the DNS provider.

Critical Adobe Flash Patch

Adobe has released an emergency patch for Flash on Linux, Windows and OS X.  All users should upgrade ASAP.  Chrome uses it’s own version so check to make sure you’ve got the latest version of that browser.

Technology out of the box

Check out NPR’s recent story of a museum that is using technology to make an impact on the experiences of those that are visually impaired. NPR Prados Exhibit  

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Tox, Create Your Own Ransomware

A new ransomware framework named Tox allows you to create your own malware for free.  They take 20% of your haul.


IT SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE For Friday, May 22, 2015 SERVICES SUBJECT TO BEING PREEMPTED BY MAINTENANCE.  The maintenance tasks listed below, to ensure that all UTC information Technology services  provided to support the academic mission of the University will operate at optimal levels,  will be performed during the regularly monthly scheduled Friday maintenance time beginning at 5:30pm.  During this maintenance period you are welcome to use all available services,  subject

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How could we use technology to better our campus space?

NPR has an interesting article on productivity and work space. How do you think we could apply this technology to better our work and student campus spaces? Email your ideas to  

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New SSL downgrade attack named LogJam, Freak’s cousin

A requirement from the US Govt, issued in the 90s, can downgrade the strength of the encryption used during SSL communication.

Ask the CIO

Save the Date! Next week IT will host our monthly Ask the CIO  lunch and learn format.  Dan Chase will provide training on “Peering into the Black box that is UTC’s Website.” Have you ever wondered what was behind a website you are visiting? What does it take to make it ‘tick’? Come see an overview of the UTC website architecture, the hardware, software and organization it takes to

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RSA Conference – Six New Attack Techniques

If you’re interested in IT Security, you should watch this RSA Security Conference .