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Google Chrome Update

Google has released an update for Chrome which will be applied automatically.

New Gmail Security Features

Gmail will now display when an email hasn’t been encrypted during transport (broken padlock) and if the sender hasn’t been authenticated.

Google Won’t Ban Ad Blockers from Play Store

Google had blocked certain ad-blocking ads from the Play Store but has reversed this decision.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released Critical patches for IE, Edge, and Office.  Patch your MS products ASAP.

Adobe Patch Tuesday

Adobe releases a patch for Flash.  Chrome and Windows 10 will auto update.

PowerGrid HoneyPots

Using HoneyPots to find out who attacks SCADA systems.

Amazon’s Free Lumberyard Game Engine

Fast prototyping with 3D rendering and AWS support.

California’s “Yelp Law”

California law now fines businesses that try to put restrictions on comments about the business within contracts that customers must sign.

Get 2GB Free on Google Drive via Safer Internet Day

Complete a security checkup and get 2GB more for free from Google Drive.

Oracle Releases Emergency Java Patch

An exploit of the Java installer could lead to total compromise.  Requires a specific order of operations to work.