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Windows 10 Review

A review by Mr. Thurrott.

Windows 10 ISO Downloads

You can download the disk image (ISO) from Microsoft.  NOTE this is for personal computers, not UT owned computers.

How to protect against Android’s MMS StageFright Hack

A flaw in MMS processing puts your Android phone at risk.  To protect against the attack, turn off automatic downloads of MMS files and only accept MMS files from people you know.  This can be done via the Setting Menu of your Messaging App.

Steam had a problem over the weekend….

Check to make sure your SteamGuard is turned on.

New MMS Android Flaw

A security company claims it has found a flaw that affects 95% of Android devices.  Receive MMS message and the bad guys have “root.”

WordPres 4.2.3 Released

If you use WordPress, consider patching soon.

Windows 10: Activation via Upgrade

If you’re upgrading from Win 7, 8, or 8.1, here’s how activation will work.  Note this is for personal PCs, not University owned PCs.

Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office

You can now access your Google Drive within Office.  Windows only right now.

Data loss at major photo editing services including CVS and RiteAid

If you have used your CCard to pay for photos at CVS, RiteAid, or other vender serviced by PNI Media then keep a close watch on your credit.

Google+ Photos becomes Google Photos

You shouldn’t lose any images.