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Android applications using “exploits” to get “root”

At least one case of “malware” using these “certificate-based” exploits made it into the Google Play store.

0Day in Mercury and Dolphin Android Browsers

If you use the Mercury or Dolphin Browser, time to use something else until this vulnerability is patched.

The AshMad Aftermath

Lawsuits, SPAM, and something much worse.

Starting September Amazon will no longer support Flash Ads

They will also require that advertisements URL must be a destination and not a redirect.  There are several other high impact restrictions.  This is probably an attempt to remove the need for ad blockers.

More on the Ashley Madison Hack

The password dump also includes Windows credentials.

Microsoft Releases CRITICAL Patch for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has released a patch for all versions of IE.  Use Windows Update ASAP.

Google releases a new WiFi “Hub” for your house.

The “OnHub” seeks to be the link between all of your wireless devices (WiFi, BlueTooth).

Critical Internet Explorer Patch Released Today

Microsoft will be releasing an out of band (emergency) patch for all versions of IE today.

Microsoft’s EULA for Windows 10 allows checking for illegal games, hardware

With Windows 10’s EULA, Microsoft can “search your system” for illegal games, and hardware (what is illegal hardware?).

Dell Chromebooks for Business

Google and Dell are using Chrome to keep legacy systems alive for businesses.