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Facebook does Tor

You can now SSL connect to Facebooks “onion” address if you are using Tor.

Drupal 7 critical vulnerability

If you run version 7, make sure you update.

Google’s Project Ara

Modular cellphone now has an intro video…

Software “Black Box” recorder for e-commerce

User Replay got $3m in funding to record user transactions.

YouTube now supports 60fps

You’ll have to use HD setting when viewing.

Google’s DeepMind

A “neural network” that can access external memory.

Microsoft Band (wrist) $200

Microsoft has announced a new hardware worn on the wrist that connects to the Microsoft Health service.  10 sensors including heart rate.

CurrentC has been hacked..

The proposed replacement for ApplePay/GoogleWallet etc, backed by Walmart and others, has been hacked.  Tester’s email info stolen.

US Govt. sues AT&T over throttling

“Unlimited” customers throttled too much says US.

Scanbox keylogger

More malware targeted at a variety of businesses.