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Ars Technica hacked, users should change passwords

If you login to the news site, change your password.

Android phones with preinstalled malware CoolReaper

Chinese Coolpad phones came with the malware in the ROMs.

Google’s End-To-End OpenPGP Chrome Extension

Allows Gmail users to send OpenPGP encrypted messages to each other.

ICANN hacked via targeted spear phishing, some top level zone files compromised

The bad guys accessed several zone files containing names, IPs, and name servers.

Google Drive now has primitive OpenDocument format support

The native file formats for openoffice and libreoffice can now be opened in Google Drive.

Dr. Dobbs is gone..

38 years of coding advice and articles…

Google Chrome tops the list with most vulnerabilities

This is a good thing as Google fixed all of them.

Google blacklists 11k WordPress sites

Malware infections via vulnerable plugin.

Apple Wins iPod AntiTrust Case

Said DRM was from the Music Labels, other side is appealing.

Local govt access to servers trigger Microsoft,Google to leave Russia

A new law requiring companies keep local info geographically local, and accessible to govt officials, have caused M/G to bail on Russia.