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Back to Space? NASA annoucement at 4PM EST

What is up w/NASA?

NFC on iPhone 6 limited to Apple Pay

At launch no other sales system will be usable (google wallet etc.) but that is unsurprising to most.

You can now play DOOM on a printer.

Canon printer with an LCD of almost the same resolution required by the original game.

Minecraft costs Microsoft $2.5b

Microsoft buys the popular Java based “lego like” game for $2.5b.

Google’s Android One

Trying to get more Android phones into budget markets like India.

Yahoo was fighting for customer privacy

US Govt threatened $250000 daily fines if Yahoo didn’t comply with “digital wiretaps.”

Google offers Startups $100000 of free server hosting

You must already have a “partnership” with Google, less than 5 years old, less than $500k in yearly profit.

ChromeOS now can run Android Apps

Google will be “porting” selected apps.

Microsoft Onedrive can now handle file sizes up to 10GB.

2GB was the old limit.

Is U2’s new album on your iDevice w/o your permission

Depending upon the settings, you might already have the free album on your device.