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Apple responds to “Back Doors” in IOS

They says it’s for diagnostic purposes.  Original forensic expert responds to their claims.

MailPoet vulnerability endangers WordPress, Joomla

the vulnerability in MailPoet, a WordPress plugin with more than 1.7 million downloads, allows attackers to upload any file of their choice to vulnerable servers

Dropbox on privacy of stored data

“ Dropbox told The INQUIRER that users concerned about privacy should add their own encryption. The firm warned however that if users do, not all of the service’s features will work”

Gizmo to protect your car from hackers

$150 dollars, some skill required.  Hopefully car makers will increase security in their products.

Unlock your phone with a tattoo

It’s temporary but another example of access control.

Firefox 31

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox.  Update if you use it.

Surface Mini is dead

Microsoft confirms that the Surface Mini is dead…

Credit card loss at Goodwill

Customers may have had their info stolen.

Does the iPhone and iPad have the ability to capture packets for “the government?”

A security researcher found “undocumented” services (like pcapd) running on IOS devices.

Cancelling a service can be difficult.

Ars gives a guide on how to cancel a service like Comcast.