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Windows 10 to get Mac like trackpad gestures

Making the trackpad a first class input device.

apt-get for Windows 10?

New powershell interface allows users to download applications from the Windows Store?

World’s fastest network, 255Tbps

Multifiber, multimode, and 1Km long.

Tor exit node adding malware

A Russian exit node was adding malware to http traffic.

Samsung KNOX stores PIN in cleartext?

“Specifically, a pin.xml file stored in the ContainerApp stored on the device during setup contains the unencrypted PIN number.”  

Require-Recipient-Valid-Since (RRVS) SMTP header

Yahoo and Facebook add to the SMTP header to help eliminate abandoned email spoofing.

Retailers avoiding Apple Pay

Walmart, CVS, and others are backing CurrentC, a payment method that avoids credit card companies to avoid swipe charges.

Cryptowall surge

The ransomware has infected 800k+ PCs last month.

Google Inbox

A redesigned email interface with Android/IOS clients.  Google Now + Gmail + a few more features.

Using Windows Update to “brick” fake USB-to-Serial controllers

A chip company, FTDI, has delivered a driver via Windows Update that detects and neutralized counterfeit chips.