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iFixit tears down iPhone6

They say it’s easy to fix.

iOS 8 Review

Ars Technica does a full review.

Adobe Reader/Acrobat Patches

Adobe has released patches for Reader and Acrobat that were scheduled to be released last week.  Update as soon as possible.

Serious bug in Android “Browser”

A vulnerability has been found in the default web client, named Browser, for all versions of Android < 4.4.  You should not use Browser and switch to Chrome or Firefox for your Android surfing.

Back to Space? NASA annoucement at 4PM EST

What is up w/NASA?

NFC on iPhone 6 limited to Apple Pay

At launch no other sales system will be usable (google wallet etc.) but that is unsurprising to most.

You can now play DOOM on a printer.

Canon printer with an LCD of almost the same resolution required by the original game.

Minecraft costs Microsoft $2.5b

Microsoft buys the popular Java based “lego like” game for $2.5b.

Google’s Android One

Trying to get more Android phones into budget markets like India.

Yahoo was fighting for customer privacy

US Govt threatened $250000 daily fines if Yahoo didn’t comply with “digital wiretaps.”