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Who owns Bluetooth? Samsung just got trolled for $15m

A group is claiming to own Bluetooth and now Samsung will have to pay (or go back to court).

HTTP/2, The next web protocol

Faster, stronger, more better….multiplexing, faster page loads, and the ability to have the server “push”.

The Equation Group, The most advanced malware campaign.

A scary read.

Jeb Bush posts senstitive info online

In an effort to increase transparency, the FLA governor released emails containing personal data.

Security researcher releases 10million username/passwords

He thinks it will do more good than harm.

Soon you’ll be able to ask your carrier to unlock your phone.

Starting mid February all the major carriers will unlock your fully-paid-for phone via your request to do so.

New Linux malware, “Xnote”

With a variety of functions but no clearly indicated infection vector.

OS X 10.10.3 brings Google 2-factor authentication

You’ll be able to use 2-factor auth to check your gmail via the Mail app.

Anthem Breach brings Phishing

The bad guys are sending out bogus emails (phishing) about “your Anthem account information”.

2nd Largest Health Insurer, Anthem, Hacked with 80 million affected

Possibly 80 million people have had their name, SSN, DOB, and email stolen as Anthem has suffered a breach. Anthem will be notifying victims and offers 1-877-263-7995 for those worried.