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Dairy Queen breach, credit card data accessed

Chattanooga stores haven’t been hit.

Google, Oracle Java API lawsuit reaches Supreme Court

Google wants a ruling on the copyright issue.

US doesn’t need warrant to hack foreign servers

According to filings during Silk Road trial.

Google Chrome Updated

Over 100 security fixes, Chrome automatically updates itself.

AT&T force to pay back $80m

Due to the practice of “cramming”┬áits users with confusingly labeled subscription charges for such things as ringtones.

Google Now vs. Cortana vs. Siri

Guess who wins…..

Google Boss, “Spying scares will break the Internet”

Eric Schmidt worries that NSA spying will cause ecommerce to fail as well as other services based on the Internet.

Ads on Snapchat

Ads coming soon.

Google Voice now supports MMS on most carriers

Except for Verizon……

Return of the Crypto Wars

Apple will no longer be able to hand the “keys” to your encrypted files to Law Enforcement, and that’s causing some problems.