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Rickroll your Chromecast

Along with other people’s chromecasts.

Chrome 37 on Windows, better font rendering.

That’s because the Chrome 37 Beta now supports Microsoft’s DirectWrite API, a technology that improves the way fonts look on modern screens.

Indexeus, the new “hacker” search engine…

Who are Indexeus’s target customers? Denizens of hackforums[dot]net, a huge forum that is overrun by novice teenage hackers (a.k.a “script kiddies”) from around the world who are selling and buying a broad variety of services designed to help attack, track or otherwise harass people online.

MIT’s “FastPass” routing scheme

 “Fastpass arbiter with just eight cores can be used to manage a network transmitting 2.2 terabits of data per second, according to the researchers”

Apple patent application for “behavior based security”

“different users use their phones differently, and based on that, Apple’s patent describes a system in which the phone will be able to detect when someone else who is not the owner is using the device“

Chrome 36

Security Updates for this month.  Chrome will automatically update itself.

Make sure to pay your registrar, Sony’s DNS problems

Sony forgot to pay the yearly fee for the domain that holds their DNS servers.

Bing, Google and the right to be forgotten

Users of Google and Bing can ask to have their information excluded from search results.  How do they guarantee the identity of the requester?

Apple to pay as much as $450m to cover e-book price fixing

Still denies any “price fixing.”

US House approves ban on Internet access taxes

No state, federal, or local taxes on Internet access.