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IOS 9 PIN Screen Bypass

A flaw in IOS9 allows the bypass of a PIN protected device.

Forbes serves up malvertising

Last week an ad network used by Forbes’ site was sending the Angler exploit pack to certain visitors.  Another reason people like ad blockers:Security.

Gmail can now block senders

While you could setup a rule to delete specific senders’ email, Gmail now has a drop down choice for blocking senders.  The Gmail Apps will get the same functionality soon.

Android AntiVirus, You Need It.

More malware found in the Google Play Store, some of it there for more than a year.

Symantec fires employees for issuing certs in Google’s name.

Trusted SSL certs from Google’s domain but not authorized by Google.  Bad stuff. Lawsuits?  Certs have been revoked.

Adobe Flash Patched

Another patch for Flash.  Update if you use it.

Sites hosting Ash Mad data getting sued.

A new fed lawsuit vs. some sites hosting dumps/search of the Ashley Madison database.

Adblockers at the top of IOS App Store

IOS 9 and the rise of Adblockers in the IOS App Store.

IOS App Store Cleanup and XCodeGhost malware

Apple is scrubbing the App Store removing apps containing the XCodeGhost malware.  You can see the list of mostly Chinese infect apps.

Your VW is smart enough to pass admissions…

Software makes sure you pass your admissions test.