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Oracle’s POS MICROS Database Hacked

The Point of Sale system used by over 300k vendors. Thought to be done by a well known Russian cybergang responsible for over $1b in theft.

Evil Butler Attack vs. Windows

Using a rogue domain controller and redirected RDP connections = pwned Windows.

QuadRooter Android Flaws

Four flaws in QualComm GPU driver affect almost all Android devices.  Only install known, trusted apps from official store.

HEIST Web Attack

A newly “discovered vulnerability” in HTTPS allows the bad guys to guess file sizes and retrieve data about you from secured sites.

“Mayhem” Wins DARPA’s “All Computer” Hacking Challenge

Software vs software in a virtual Capture The Flag.

Using “Shimmer” to Steal from EMV Chip Enabled Cards

A new device named “Shimmer” performs a MITM attack on EMV chip enabled credit cards.

iOS 9.3.4

Apple has released a security related update, patch now.

Apple’s Bounty Program

Apple will now give cash for vulnerabilities found.

Dropbox Paper

Sort of Google Docs simplified.

Classic Shell 4.3.0 Trojan

If you downloaded Classic Shell (Windows Start Menu Replacement)  on 08/02 and installed it, the MBR of your PC might be damaged.