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Because you needed it…Youtube now has an animated GIF maker

Will it do 1080p?

Google announces best Apps, Movies, Music from 2014

The full list.

Ford moves to QNX for in car OS

The car maker decided to move away from Windows.

Youtube may get autostart videos

Some people may start having their suggested videos to start playing automatically.

Sony using Amazon to DDOS servers holding stolen data?

Reportedly Sony is creating a denial of service attack against the servers distributing its stolen data.

New Ransomware, OphionLocker, uses Elliptical Curve Encryption

ECC is faster/smaller with the same strength….$358 to get your data back…

Microsoft releases MSN apps for iOS and Android

News, Money, Weather, and Sports…

Seagates new 8TB hard drive

“Seagate, using its new shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology to cram more data into fewer platters, is preparing to launch an 8TB hard drive priced at just $260.”

Vulnerability found in Keurig 2.0 KCups

So does anyone read these posts? ¬†You can hack your Keurig….

Sony’s stolen cert used to sign Destroyer malware

A new variant of the same malware used in the latest Sonly breech has been signed with the cert stolen during the breech.