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Pwn2Own Wants VMware Workstation Exploit

$75k for this years hacker to manages “to pwn the PC” from within the VM on the box running VMware Workstation.

“RE: IT SUPPORT” Phishing Scam

If you receive email with the subject of “RE:IT SUPPORT” saying you are at the limit of your mailbox quota, please just delete it.  The link leads to a poorly designed phishing site.

Critical Firefox Patch

If you use Firefox, make sure you update it as a new patch has been released.

CryptoBin Down, Posting of 20k FBI Details Probable Cause

The group DotGovs posted a dump of the details (name, phone number, etc.) of 20000 FBI employees to CryptoBin which is currently down (DNS) and the post is gone.

Google Chrome Update

Google has released an update for Chrome which will be applied automatically.

New Gmail Security Features

Gmail will now display when an email hasn’t been encrypted during transport (broken padlock) and if the sender hasn’t been authenticated.

Google Won’t Ban Ad Blockers from Play Store

Google had blocked certain ad-blocking ads from the Play Store but has reversed this decision.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released Critical patches for IE, Edge, and Office.  Patch your MS products ASAP.

Adobe Patch Tuesday

Adobe releases a patch for Flash.  Chrome and Windows 10 will auto update.

PowerGrid HoneyPots

Using HoneyPots to find out who attacks SCADA systems.