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Update Your Dropbox Password.

As a precaution Dropbox is asking users to reset password.  Some old passwords got out.

Opera Servers Hacked

Opera is warning that usernames and passwords have been stolen from their sync servers.  Update your Opera passwords.

Hackers Team Up With Questionable Stock Brokers

When you’ve got an exploit that can affect a stock price, how can you make the most money?

Mail.Ru Hacked, 25 Million Users Affected

Usernames with MD5 hashed passwords (weak) were stolen.

iOS Update Fixes Spyware Vulnerability

Apple has released a patch for iOS that fixes a vulnerability seen “in the wild.”  Patch asap.

Old NSA Cisco Hacks Upgraded

Leaked NSA Cisco exploit code has been updated to work on newer versions.

Juniper, Cisco Verify Leaked NSA Hacks

Both companies have verified that the stolen NSA exploits leaked by Shadow Brokers work.

Epic Games Forum Hacked Again

Bad guys got email, total transcripts, IPs, and encrypted/hashed passwords for over 800k users.

OurMine Hacks Jimmy Wales Twitter Account

Another high profile hijacking of a Twitter account.

NSA Got Hacked

Someone hacked an NSA server in 2013 and stole some files that they will sell to the highest bidder.