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BadUSB 2.0

A new MITM attack vs. USB.

Apple Make iOS 10 Kernel Unencrypted

Apple has removed the default encryption (kernel is unencrypted on the device) from the iOS kernel allowing “optimizing system performance.”

Hacking With Smiles

J. Lyne talks about high quality social engineering and sophisticated marketplaces for buying stolen accounts. You need to watch this video.

Carbonite Resets User’s Passwords

The online backup service Carbonite is proactively (they haven’t been hacked) resetting user’s passwords due to the recent bunch of mega-breaches.

BitCoin Phishing

Bogus BitCoin sites have been setup trying to fool BitCoin owners.

Apple Patches AirPort Routers

If you have an Apple AirPort, you need to patch it.

“BadTunnel” NetBIOS Attack

TCP/IP broadcasts to spoof NetBIOS communications.

Javascript Ransomware

Ransomware written entirely in Javascript has been found “in the wild.”  It shows up as an attachment, downloads a password stealer then encrypts your HD asking for $250 to unlock it.

Acer’s Online Store Lost 34k Credit Card Numbers

If you bought an Acer via they’re website, you’re probably going to get notification.  Change your password.

Harden Your Linux Via Lynis

If you run BSD (including OS X) or Linux then Lynis can audit your system and give feedback on hardening.