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Google:We weren’t compromised, usernames/passwords from phishing

Google denies that it was hacked and the 4.7 million username/password combos came from other sources.  Less that 2% of the logins worked.

Adobe Patch Tuesday

Adobe has released patches for Flash Player, update as soon as you can.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released patches, time to update.

Google Chrome’s new password maker

Chrome will now suggest “strong” passwords for you.

More on Home Depot breach

Same malware used during Target breach that attacks Microsoft Windows powered POS systems.

Apple to post more security warnings

More emails when account changes occur and wider deployment of 2 factor ID tech within the “Apple Cloud.”

Home Depot security breach

Home Depot may have lost credit card numbers.

4chan to use DMCA to remove suspect materials

After the celebrity photo leak, 4chan will start using the DMCA to keep clean.

Mozilla patches Firefox,Thunderbird

All users of Firefox and Thunderbird should update those products.  New versions autoupdate, but check to be sure.

Apple’s Two Factor authentication doesn’t protect iCloud backups

Or your PhotoStream.  It only protects your logging into your account, iTunes and related purchases, and support related to your ID.