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Facebook vs. Ad Block Plus

The war between the blocker and the blockee continues….

Video Jacking from Free Charging Stations

A new jacking attack involves a charging station the mirrors the display of your charging phone and steals confidential information.  

D-Link Router Vulnerability

If you have a D-Link home router, you probably need to upgrade its firmware.  Make sure you don’t have remote control access available via the WAN port on port 8181.

Linux Kernel TCP Flaw Allows Hijacking

A newly discovered flaw in the kernel allows some MITM attacks. 

Facebook Goes After Adblockers. Adblock Plus Responds

Says it’s anti-user.  Seems that targeted, user-specific ads may be too much which leads to adblocking.

August Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released August patches, 5 of 9 are critical.

Ransomware on Your Thermostat

Make sure to put your IoT devices behind your firewall.  Password protect and patch them.

Oracle’s POS MICROS Database Hacked

The Point of Sale system used by over 300k vendors. Thought to be done by a well known Russian cybergang responsible for over $1b in theft.

Evil Butler Attack vs. Windows

Using a rogue domain controller and redirected RDP connections = pwned Windows.

QuadRooter Android Flaws

Four flaws in QualComm GPU driver affect almost all Android devices.  Only install known, trusted apps from official store.