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Oct 2014 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is releasing patches today, make sure to update your PCs.  Oracle is also releasing patching Java.  Check your Adobe products too.

Hundreds of Dropbox user passwords posted on Reddit

Company says it wasn’t hacked and that passwords were stolen from “third party services.”  Says most passwords are “expired.”   You should change your Dropbox password.

Twitter files lawsuit, wants to be able to post gov’t requests for data

Trying to pressure the US Govt into letting it post the request it receives for user data from the US Govt.

Samsung promises 4.6 Gbps WiFi

“Beam Forming Antenna” to avoid interference.

US doesn’t need warrant to hack foreign servers

According to filings during Silk Road trial.

Google Chrome Updated

Over 100 security fixes, Chrome automatically updates itself.

Google Boss, “Spying scares will break the Internet”

Eric Schmidt worries that NSA spying will cause ecommerce to fail as well as other services based on the Internet.

Return of the Crypto Wars

Apple will no longer be able to hand the “keys” to your encrypted files to Law Enforcement, and that’s causing some problems.

Facebook “changing” ways it performs social research

Now going to have groups containing a variety of professionals review requests to use Facebook data for research.

New OS X botnet, “communicates” via Reddit

Dr. Web has discovered a new botnet composed of 17000 Macs that can find command servers via Reddit.  Apple has updated “Xprotect” to prevent infection.