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Google blacklists 11k WordPress sites

Malware infections via vulnerable plugin.

Local govt access to servers trigger Microsoft,Google to leave Russia

A new law requiring companies keep local info geographically local, and accessible to govt officials, have caused M/G to bail on Russia.

Hackers have leaked Swedish login info due to Pirate Bay shutdown

So the Swedish Authorities seized the Pirate Bay servers and then the hackers leaked some login credentials of govt officials.

Quantum Physics and Credit Card Security

Reflected photons used to provide authentication.

Pirate Bay is offline, but piracy continues…

“On the TV front, over the Dec. 6-11 period, pirates swarmed over AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (717,190 average peers per day), followed by CW’s “The Flash” (576,093), CW’s “Arrow” (518,816), FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” (427,167), Showtime Network’s “Homeland” (413,620) and CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” (412,729).”  Yahoo

Sony using Amazon to DDOS servers holding stolen data?

Reportedly Sony is creating a denial of service attack against the servers distributing its stolen data.

New Ransomware, OphionLocker, uses Elliptical Curve Encryption

ECC is faster/smaller with the same strength….$358 to get your data back…

Vulnerability found in Keurig 2.0 KCups

So does anyone read these posts?  You can hack your Keurig….

Sony’s stolen cert used to sign Destroyer malware

A new variant of the same malware used in the latest Sonly breech has been signed with the cert stolen during the breech.

FIDO alliance announces specifications for password free authentication

Paypal, Google, Samsung, and others agreeing to “patent” free methods of authentication.