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“Rachel from Cardholder Services” and Defcon

where they set up a contest called “Zapping Rachel” for hackers to build a honeypot for attracting robocallers.

Tomorrow is Patch Tuesday

“Microsoft has posted nine bulletins in its August Patch Tuesday update, covering Internet Explorer, Windows, Office, SQL Server, and Sharepoint.”

Microsoft to drop support for Internet Explorer 6,7,8 in Jan 2016

If you still must use XP, you shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer.  Microsoft to drop support for old IE versions.

Hacker “redirects” 19 ISPs in Bitcoin Theft

Using BGP, a bad guy controlled router traffic in an attempt to steal cpu cycles for mining Bitcoin.

Company that sells “professional” keylogging software hacked

FinFisher, the company that sells the similarly named professional spying software, has lost about 40GB of data that contains effectiveness reports and other internal documents.

WordPress/Drupal DOS vulnerability

A newly discovered flaw could allow Denial of Service attack vs websites.

The Pwnie Award nominees

The best “security fails” of the year.

Bad guys have 1 billion passwords, probably a record.

A “Russian” gang of “hackers” have gather a record number of Internet usernames and passwords.

Another NSA “leaker”

Apparently Edward Snowden is not alone

Critical Vulnerability in Samba 4.x

A flaw has been found in Samba that allows remote access through a flaw in nmbd with root level rights.  Ubuntu has released a patch, but nothing from Redhat yet.  Patch or disable nmbd if you run an newer version of Samba.