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Firefox 31

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox.  Update if you use it.

Credit card loss at Goodwill

Customers may have had their info stolen.

Does the iPhone and iPad have the ability to capture packets for “the government?”

A security researcher found “undocumented” services (like pcapd) running on IOS devices.

Indexeus, the new “hacker” search engine…

Who are Indexeus’s target customers? Denizens of hackforums[dot]net, a huge forum that is overrun by novice teenage hackers (a.k.a “script kiddies”) from around the world who are selling and buying a broad variety of services designed to help attack, track or otherwise harass people online.

Apple patent application for “behavior based security”

“different users use their phones differently, and based on that, Apple’s patent describes a system in which the phone will be able to detect when someone else who is not the owner is using the device“

Chrome 36

Security Updates for this month.  Chrome will automatically update itself.

Bing, Google and the right to be forgotten

Users of Google and Bing can ask to have their information excluded from search results.  How do they guarantee the identity of the requester?

USA: “All ur data belong to us”

“In essence, President Barack Obama’s administration claims that any company with operations in the United States must comply with valid warrants for data, even if the content is stored overseas. It’s a position Microsoft and companies like Apple say is wrong, arguing that the enforcement of US law stops at the border.”

Microsoft, “Use weak passwords for non-important sites.”

It’s too difficult for the average person to have strong passwords for all sites.

Oracle releases patches

Critical fixes for Java and other products.  Update Java or get rid of it if you can.