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Swatting Can Bring 5 to Life

Sending a SWAT team to someone’s house could get you 5 to life in prison.

Amazon Enables Two Factor Authentication

You can now secure your Amazon browsing with TFA.

Comcast Leaking Names and Locations of XfinityWiFi Customers

Your Comcast-provided XfinityWiFi router may be offering WiFi to other Xfinity customers in the area.  That services seems to be leaking real names and locations to search engines.

Zero Day Exploit Cost Chart

Wired is reporting on the costs of exploits from the firm Zerodium.  WordPress and the like are the cheapest.

BadBarCode – Hacking with Bar Codes

A researcher has shown how to hack vulnerable apps using embedded special control characters.

VirusTotal now accepts Android and OS X Malware

The largest malware sandbox now can handle both Android and OS X malware samples.

Facebook to warn parents, “Are you sure you want to post this picture of your children?”

Drawing on its facial recognition technology DeepFace, Facebook will soon start warning users when posting pictures of children.

Javascript flaw endangers Android Chrome App

A new zero day found in Chrome for Android could allow full access to the bad guys by just visiting a malicious site.

FBI says it did not pay academic researchers to unmask Tor

The Tor group, creators of the anonymizing software, says they have proof that the FBI paid $1 million to CMU to “break” Tor security.

Anonymous increases up cyber assault on ISIS

The “hactivist” group Anonymous, already “at war” with ISIS, has stated it will increase efforts to expose the terrorist group and its activities.