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Sony using Amazon to DDOS servers holding stolen data?

Reportedly Sony is creating a denial of service attack against the servers distributing its stolen data.

New Ransomware, OphionLocker, uses Elliptical Curve Encryption

ECC is faster/smaller with the same strength….$358 to get your data back…

Vulnerability found in Keurig 2.0 KCups

So does anyone read these posts?  You can hack your Keurig….

Sony’s stolen cert used to sign Destroyer malware

A new variant of the same malware used in the latest Sonly breech has been signed with the cert stolen during the breech.

FIDO alliance announces specifications for password free authentication

Paypal, Google, Samsung, and others agreeing to “patent” free methods of authentication.

LastPass can now automatically change your passwords…

So you want to rotate your passwords every 30 days?

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.2

If you plan on patching “over the air”  you will need up to 7G of free space on the device.  You should probably patch using iTunes via Windows or OSX.

Critical Adobe Flash Patch

Adobe has released a critical fix for all current versions of Flash.  Users should upgrade ASAP.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, December 2014

Microsoft has released patches for this month.  All users should review the changes and then patch as needed.

Some dangers of using “Login with Linkedin” and other 3rd party authentication

An article on how unverified email addresses were used to login to sites.  “could register a victim’s email address with an identity provider and a chosen website, then click the social network sign-in button to gain access, all without ever clicking an email verification link.”