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New Linux malware, “Xnote”

With a variety of functions but no clearly indicated infection vector.

OS X 10.10.3 brings Google 2-factor authentication

You’ll be able to use 2-factor auth to check your gmail via the Mail app.

Anthem Breach brings Phishing

The bad guys are sending out bogus emails (phishing) about “your Anthem account information”.

2nd Largest Health Insurer, Anthem, Hacked with 80 million affected

Possibly 80 million people have had their name, SSN, DOB, and email stolen as Anthem has suffered a breach. Anthem will be notifying victims and offers 1-877-263-7995 for those worried.

3rd Unscheduled Flash Patch for 2015

Adobe has released another patch for Flash.  Update when you can.

Another 0Day Adobe Flash Vulnerability

Third one so far this year, Adobe has yet to release a patch.

GHOST Linux vulnerability can be exploited via WordPress

Along with Exim and a few other services, it now appears that WordPress can be vulnerable to GHOST.

Adobe updates its Flash Update

It’s time to patch Flash again.

IOS 8.1.3

Apple has released an update for iOS, patch when you can.

GHOST:New glibc flaw could lead to exploit

They’ve already demoed a working exploit of Exim, make sure to check for a patch soon.