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Javascript Ransomware

Ransomware written entirely in Javascript has been found “in the wild.”  It shows up as an attachment, downloads a password stealer then encrypts your HD asking for $250 to unlock it.

Acer’s Online Store Lost 34k Credit Card Numbers

If you bought an Acer via they’re website, you’re probably going to get notification.  Change your password.

Harden Your Linux Via Lynis

If you run BSD (including OS X) or Linux then Lynis can audit your system and give feedback on hardening.

GoToMyPC Hacked

If you use the service, make sure you change your password and enable 2FA.

Hack The Pentagon Reveals 128 Flaws

The public was encouraged to “hack” 5 public govt websites.

Intel’s Chip On A Chip

Intel’s CPUs have a RISC based CPU meant for management of the host CPU.  Security personnel are worried that it could be abused to create a unkillable rootkit.

Microsoft’s New OEM Crapware Removal Tool

Microsoft is testing a way to “refresh” your new PC to have a pure Microsoft experience w/o all the crap (Norton, McAfee, etc.) trial software or buggy (ASUS, Lenovo, etc.) vendor provided utilities.

Critical Flash Patch

If you use Adobe Flash, patch it now.  Windows 10 and Chrome patch it themselves.

Wendy’s Breach Gets Bigger

Originally 300 stores had infected Point of Sale terminals, now that number is believed to be significantly bigger.

Tattoo Recognition Database

NIST has been working on algorithms for tattoo recognition.