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Pinned SSL Certs lead to retrieval of BMW, Chrysler, and Mercedes “Virtual Keys”

A researcher has used the technique from “OwnStar” to intercept the virtual keys provided by the car maker’s IOS app.

Apple releases updates for OS X and IOS

It’s time to patch your Apple stuff.  Make sure to visit the “App Store” to patch your systems.

Even with Privacy Controls set to “don’t tell,” Windows 10 still sends info to Microsoft.

Searches send info to Bing that includes some “Cortana” data.

Details on Thunderstrike 2 Mac Malware

The details (and slides) of the Mac “rootkit” malware that can use Thunderbolt as the infection vector.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for August

3 critical patches plus a few more.  Make sure to update your Microsoft Products.

Massive Flash Patch Released

If you use Flash, its time to update.  More than 30 vulnerabilities patched.

Another Android Vulnerability:Evil app can replace good app

The last few versions of Android are vulnerable to having a good app replaced by a malicious one.

Android doesn’t protect your fingerprints.

Unlike the iDevices, most Android devices with fingerprint readers don’t encrypt the scanned print making them easy to steal.

Pwnie winners at BlackHat 2015

OPM of the Fed Govt won the big  award.

Firefox 0day in the Wild

Make sure your Firefox is the latest version as a new vulnerability has been found in the wild.