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New password options in OS 8.3

Apple has introduced some new features for password usage.

Windows 10 may require secure boot

Options may change, but Microsoft might make Windows 10 and another OS cooperatively dual-booting an impossibility.

Windows 10 will be free for Pirates

If you have a copy (legal or not) of Win 7 or 8, you get Windows 10 for free.

Forged email address leads to valid SSL cert

Scary that it only took a forged email address to get a “real” cert for a Microsoft Live domain.

Adobe Releases Flash Update

If you use Flash, you should update ASAP.

Yahoo’s new on demand passwords

Sign up and they send you a text when you visit Yahoo.

Google fails to protect renewed domain WHOIS info

If you’ve got a domain registered with Google, and you recently renewed, your contact info may have been made publicly available. ¬†

Apple sends Siri audio to 3rd parties

They say it’s anonymized before it leaves their servers. ¬†People are listening to what you say to Siri.

Microsoft EMET 5.2

Microsoft has released a new version of its Enhanced Mitigation Toolkit (I refuse to use its full name).

If you use Panda AV, your PC may be in trouble.

Do not reboot your PC. The latest update for Panda AV quarantines important system files and requires another update to fix.