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It’s Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released its list of patches for the month.

US EU Privacy Shield Agreement Goes Into Effect

Details how “authorities” will access data from another country stored locally or traveling through their jurisdiction.

Two Years for Serial Swatting

A hacker who called SWAT teams on innocent targets gets a 2 year sentence.

Facebook Testing Self Destructing Messages

Limited life time messages maybe available on Facebook in the future.

Pokemon Go Used For Mugging

Some bad guys used PMG to lure victims.

Wendy’s Releases Details About Security Breach

In Feb the chain experienced a loss of customer data.   The release details what stores were affected and protections offered.  Six locations in Chattanooga were affected.

Acceptable Use of UT Chattanooga Devices

As you have probably all noticed that over the past several months we have seen an increase in the amount of SPAM in our inboxes. Some of this increase can be attributed to links that people at UTC have clicked on in SPAM emails. It is important for everyone to remember that everyone plays a big role in helping to keep our network safe. It is also important to

You Might Want To Replace Your TP-Link Router

They failed to renew the domain (dns) that is used to update the routers.  Bad guy asking $2m.

Google’s July Android Patch Fixes 108 Bugs

Google has released its batch of patches for Android.  Trickledown to carriers will follow.

Fed Judges Says Sharing Passwords is Hacking

May cause problems for families sharing stuff like Netflix.