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Microsoft changes security notifications

Now you have to register and pick your products to get advanced notification of patches.

More details on Why the US thought it was N Korea in Sony Pictures hack

They “got sloppy” with hiding their IPs.

Deeper into the dangers of POODLE

Do you want to know more about last year’s MITM SSL attack?

Inside CryptoLocker 2

Security experts at Cisco pulls apart the latest version of the malware.

AOL Ad platform serving malware

AOL has stopped the distribution of malware over its ad network.   The bad guys had setup bogus ad servers in Poland and then signed up for AOL delivery.

Who’s Attacking Whom?

Brian Kreb points out some online trackers of attacks.

MIT Medialab site hacked in honor of Swartz

Seems to be an annual event in honor of A. Swartz.

Apple fixes flaw used by iDict

The iCloud account brute force tool iDict is no longer useful as Apple fixed the flaw it used.

Lizard Squad attacks Krebs on Security

The two parties traded insults and then the LS attacked Kreb’s website.

Macs vulnerable to Thunderstrike

A malicious Thunderbolt device could implant a root kit on your Mac.