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No more Java for XP

Oracle no longer supports Java for Windows XP.

Charge your devices before flight.

“Dead” electronics no longer allowed on flights.  Officials need to be able to see they are working.

Symantec says Dragonfly hackers attacking critical infrastructure networks

Electrical grids, power plants, and oil pipelines are ongoing targets.

Microsoft improves security

Improvements to encryption on inbound and outbound emails.  OneDrive and Outlook now using Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Microsoft’s No-IP DNS Flub

Microsoft was granted control of the dynamic DNS provider No-IP’s domain in order to take down some malicious botnets.  Their solution didn’t handle the volume of DNS requests, and now many users are w/o DNS service for their NO-IP domain.

Apple patches OS X, Safari

Apple has released a set of patches.  Users should update asap.

Microsoft nukes No-IP dynamic DNS to fight malware

The dynamic DNS service No-IP has been used by malware authors to spread infections.  Microsoft took control of the entire domain.

Credit Card information stolen at some Car Washes

Krebs reveals how some credit cards numbers  used at car washes have been stolen.

Microsoft’s Interflow, Information Exchange for Security Professionals

Currently in a private preview, the exchange will allow the exchange of information between security pros.

Heartbleed: 51% of sampled servers still vulnerable

Two months later and many sysadmins still haven’t patched the bug.