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Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google has released a Windows executable that can clean up Chrome by removing toolbars and other nasties.

Wendy’s Hacked?

Rumor is that some fraudulent credit card charges have been noticed at some Wendy’s.  Still a rumor.

Firefox 44

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox.  Upgrade if you use it.

Don’t Use Lenovo’s ShareIT for Windows or Android

It comes with security flaws that includes a hardcoded password, “12345678”

Don’t Visit “Crash Safari” Websites

You should avoid browsing any link that claims to crash a browser.  Here’s how they work.

Put your IoT Devices on your WiFi Guest Network

A good use for your WiFi’s guest network is to put all your webcams, doorbells, and other Internet of Things devices.  Make sure to put a strong password on it.

Put a Password on your Webcams

The bad guys will use Shodan to find your webcams and look at you.

Hard Coded SSH Backdoor in Fortinet Products

Another security vendor has found “backdoors” in some of their products.

Google Blocked 780 Million Bad Ads

Last year Google nuked 3/4 million ads that include phishing and malware.

Google:We Got 1000 People Fighting Bad Ads

Google employs more than 1000 people fighting bad ads that link to phishing and malware.