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Tattoo Recognition Database

NIST has been working on algorithms for tattoo recognition.

uTorrent Forum Hacked

If you use the uTorrent forums you need to change your passwords.  The client has not been hacked.  uTorrent often includes “value added software.”

32M Twitter Passwords Found

Twitter says no systems have been hacked, these passwords have been gathered from somewhere else.

Netflix and Facebook Resetting Some User’s Passwords

Two of the biggest online companies are resetting passwords for users whose details were found in the latest set of “megabreaches.”

Firefox Updated

If you use Firefox, make sure to update.

Univ of Calgary Pays $20k Canadian to Ransomware

They got hit by ransomware and had to pay the cost.  Be careful where you click.

Rumor: Zuckerburg’s Poor Passwords

Facebook Founder’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were taken over via poor password choices.

More Details on TeamViewer’s “Hack”

User PCs with TeamViewer installed have been “taken” over by hackers using shared passwords stolen from LinkedIn and other breeches.  

100M Russian Passwords Stolen

Russia’s most popular social network just lost 100M passwords that were stored in cleartext.

How To Be Privacy Paranoid in 2016

This is a blog entry detailing how to protect your online privacy.