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Your Smart TV may be watching you.

Vizio is the latest manufacturer to try and sell information on the behavior of those who use its TVs.

Linked In app may be pilfering your data even though you said no

A user on Reddit (granted not the WSJ) details on efforts to keep contact info from the Linked In App.

You can’t hear it, but you phone could be talking to your tablet and their both tracking you…

Now it appears that ads, running on two different devices, may be able to emit a sound at a frequency “beyond human hearing” to “pair” with each other in an effort to better track you.

Windows 10 November Update

Microsoft will soon release a large update for Windows 10 including fixes and new (mostly enterprise friendly) features.  In the Windows NT days this would be Service Pack 1.

Adobe November Patch Tuesday

Adobe has released an updated version of Flash that patches 17 vulnerabilities.  If you use Flash, patch now.  Windows 10 and Chrome automatically patch Flash.

Microsoft November Patch Tuesday

There are several critical vulnerabilities including ones that affect Internet Explorer and Edge (the new Windows 10 browser.)  Make sure to patch your Microsoft products ASAP.

List of 590k Comcast Usernames and Password found.

A security researcher found almost 600000 usernames and passwords for sale on the Dark Web.  Comcast says it wasn’t a breach, but better to reset your password just in case.

Website Ransomware

A new Linux malware scans for vulnerable sites (bad plugins) encrypts files (php, txt, html, etc.)  and demands payment to get them back.

New OmniRAT Multi Platform Malware for $25

Avast has found a cheap malware that can give you control over Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

New Ransomware Will Post Your Dirty Laundry

A new version of the Crypto* malware will encrypt your stuff and post your sensitive files if you don’t pay.