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Apple patches “shellshock” bash vulnerability

OS X 10.7+ gets an update for bash shell.  Users should upgrade soon.

iOS 8.0.2 released

To fix battery problems and other bugs.

Facebook 747 sized drones

“engineering director of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, said Monday at the Social Good Summit in New York City. Instead he refers to them as “planes,” seeing as they will be “roughly the size” of airplanes “like a 747,” although much, much lighter..They also will have to be powered by the sun to continuously provide Wi-Fi coverage..”

More on the ShellShock bash vulnerability

Linux, Unix, and OS X operating systems may be vulnerable to the bash shell being exploited.  If bash scripts can be run, via ssh login or web cgi url, then a system may be vulnerable.  All users should upgrade ASAP.  Major Linux distros have released updates.

Apple Patches OS X, Safari

Along with iOS 8, Apple has released patches for OS X and Safari.  Users should patch soon using software update.

Home Depot, up to 56 million users affected

Krebs has the details on one of the largest breaches ever.

Adobe Reader/Acrobat Patches

Adobe has released patches for Reader and Acrobat that were scheduled to be released last week.  Update as soon as possible.

Serious bug in Android “Browser”

A vulnerability has been found in the default web client, named Browser, for all versions of Android < 4.4.  You should not use Browser and switch to Chrome or Firefox for your Android surfing.

Yahoo was fighting for customer privacy

US Govt threatened $250000 daily fines if Yahoo didn’t comply with “digital wiretaps.”

Tabnapping:New phishing using Javascript and Google’s fame

” When they click back to the fake Gmail tab, they’ll see the standard Gmail login page, assume they’ve been logged out, and provide their credentials to log in. The attack preys on the perceived immutability of tabs.“