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Hard Coded SSH Backdoor in Fortinet Products

Another security vendor has found “backdoors” in some of their products.

Google Blocked 780 Million Bad Ads

Last year Google nuked 3/4 million ads that include phishing and malware.

Google:We Got 1000 People Fighting Bad Ads

Google employs more than 1000 people fighting bad ads that link to phishing and malware.

Flaw in TeslaCrypt Brings Free Decrypter

A flaw in TeslaCrypt (2.0 and lower) can be exploited to allow recovery of the encryption key.

AMX AV System Has “Black Widow” Backdoor

The SEC Consulting group found a hard coded backdoor in an AMX product that uses the names “Black Widow” and “Batman.”

Kali Linux Gets Rolling Release

Kali now has a continuously updated Linux distro.

Google Says Linux 0Day No Big Deal for Android

Older Kernels and SELinux helps mitigate a kernel flaw that Google says it didn’t get enough time to examine before public release.

Apple Updates iOS, OS X, and Safari

Apple has released critical updates for iOS (9.2.1), Safari (9.0.3), and OS X (10.11.3).  Make sure to update ASAP.

Top 25 Passwords of 2015

Guess what’s still at the top….

Printing Your House Keys

Using only a photo of your lock face, it is now possible to 3D print a copy of the key which has a good chance of working.