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Adobe Patch Tuesday

Adobe has released critical patches for Flash, Reader, and Acrobat.  Update ASAP.

27k MongoDB Databases Affected by Ransomware

Too many MongoDBs are unsecured and available via the Internet.

Hello Kitty Database Leaked

3.3 million fans affected.  

FTC Offers $25k for IoT Patching

You could earn some cash by providing a patching mechanism for Internet of Things devices.

$49 7 Inch B&N Nook Model Infected w/Malware

If you own a Barnes and Noble Nook Model BNTV450, you need to update the firmware.

Beware Inaudible Browser Beacons

Cross device tracking using webpages with embedded  (inaudible to humans) sounds that are detected by mobile apps.

OurMine Hits Netflix, Marvel, NFL Twitter Accounts

The hacker group took over some high profile Twitter accounts.  No word on how they did it. Hacked

If you have a account, you should reset your password to be safe.

Yahoo Hacked, 1 Billion Affected

By now you’ve probably seen that over 1 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised.  You should change your Yahoo password as a precaution, especially if you use the same password somewhere else.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

5 Critical patches.  Update your Microsoft Products Soon.