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Android doesn’t protect your fingerprints.

Unlike the iDevices, most Android devices with fingerprint readers don’t encrypt the scanned print making them easy to steal.

Pwnie winners at BlackHat 2015

OPM of the Fed Govt won the big  award.

Firefox 0day in the Wild

Make sure your Firefox is the latest version as a new vulnerability has been found in the wild.

Windows 10:Protect your Privacy

If you’re worried about Microsoft watching you (If you use Siri or Chrome, someone is already watching you) here is a your guide to prevent it.

Major Android Vulnerability “StageFright” to be patched

Google and other vendors will be releasing security patches for StageFright.

New OS X vulnerability being exploited in the wild.

The latest vulnerability is being used to “infect” Macs.  Avoid installing software you don’t need.  Only install from the Mac Store or from big name sources.

Thunderstrike 2, Mac’s new ROM malware

Infects your Mac’s firmware.  Hard to remove, almost impossible to detect.

How to protect against Android’s MMS StageFright Hack

A flaw in MMS processing puts your Android phone at risk.  To protect against the attack, turn off automatic downloads of MMS files and only accept MMS files from people you know.  This can be done via the Setting Menu of your Messaging App.

Steam had a problem over the weekend….

Check to make sure your SteamGuard is turned on.

New MMS Android Flaw

A security company claims it has found a flaw that affects 95% of Android devices.  Receive MMS message and the bad guys have “root.”