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Xbox 360 SDK released by hackers

H4LT says they may post unreleased¬†games as well, they are seeking “protection” from the Lizard Squad.

Google Engineer posts details on Windows 8.1 0-Day

Waited 90 days w/o patch from Microsoft so Project Zero made the details public.

US sanctions vs N. Korea over cyberattacks

An executive order from President Obama brings new restrictions vs N. Korea with more to come.

Bogus CNN hack threat irritates FBI

A TN man claims to have threatened to hack CNN as a joke.

iCloud accounts may be vulnerable to iDict bruteforce tool

A new tool claims to bypass Apple’s brute force protection schemes.

WordPress Plugin WP Symposium under attack

If you have that plugin installed on your WP server, update asap.

CCC says it can recreate fingerprints from pictures

Using VeriFinger commercial software.

Who is the Lizard Squad

Brian Krebs has a concise set of facts about the hacker group.

Anonymous vs. Lizard Squad

Anonymous warned Lizard Squad to not attack Tor, but they created many relays anyways in an attempt to take over the network.

Sony’s PSN back online after extended DDOS

Sony says all is well now, I would change your password just in case.