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Supreme Court Extends “Rule 41” Hacking Power

Federal agents can now “gain remote access” to suspect computers outside their jurisdiction. 

Reality TV from Unprotected Webcams

A hacker put together a “Reality TV” show using webcams.

Windows GodMode Being Abused

A leftover “feature” left in Windows can be used to install malware.

Office 365 Security Flaw

Microsoft has patched a flaw that would allow an attacker access to any part of the Office 365 Online Resources.

Firefox 46 Released

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox.  Upgrade if you use it.

Windows RegSrv32 Can Run Stuff

It can run your script remotely and is proxy aware.

ChromeOS May Get Android Apps

Some evidence that Google may be working to allow Android Apps to run on Chrome hardware.

Facebook Hacker Finds It’s Already Been Hacked

After gaining access to Facebook a security researcher finds that malicious scripts were already there.

Rombertik Nukes Your PC If You Study It

Attempts to analyze Rombertik while it will running will cause it to delete key files rendering the PC useless.

93 Million Mexican Voter Records Found Online

A flaw in the configuration of a MongoDB server is to blame for the loss.