Intel Study, Only 8% can correctly id 10 out of 10 phishing emails.

A study from Intel paints a rough picture of the state of email security awareness.

Firefox 38 supports DRM tech

So now  you can watch Netflix with Firefox.

Microsoft May Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released this month’s set of patches.

Adobe releases Critical patches for Acrobat and Reader

All users of Adobe Reader and Acrobat should patch ASAP.

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge

Microsoft will be making it’s next browser much safer by removing ActiveX and BHOs.

Avast update quarantines vital DLL

A recent update to Avast antivirus cause a critical DLL to be quarantined for some users.

Google goes after Chrome extentions with ad injectors

A recent study showed  extensions that perform ad replacement/injection replacing legitimate ads on web pages.  Google has new policies to help prevent this.

Safari Updates

Apple has released critical updates for Safari.  If you use it, you should patch.

No More Microsoft Patch Tuesday

New policy changes coming with Windows 10 may get rid of Patch Tuesday.

THEITS-Digital Student’s

THEITS was proud to allow three UTC seniors this year to present the results of the first full year of the DIGITAL student program. Thomas Anderson, Laura Flack, and Allison Quintanilla offered their unique perspective on spending a full year rotating through the IT department and getting an inside work into the importance of technology in the modern campus setting. These three students were selected for the new program and spent time learning from mentors in Media Resources, GIS, and Networking. They were encouraged to get involved in everything from pulling fiber optic cables to using GPS mapping. Their midterm project focused on a Digital Badge system that they developed called “Badger” and which was submitted into a competition hosted by the School of Business. The students who experienced the apprenticeship program and gained knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines and fields, as well as compiling a portfolio of work.