New SSL downgrade attack named LogJam, Freak’s cousin

A requirement from the US Govt, issued in the 90s, can downgrade the strength of the encryption used during SSL communication.

New Wireless AP in AVTF

Jess Williams, our UTC wireless administrator recently installed an additional wireless AP at the Advanced Vehicle Test Facility (AVTF). The AP was originally from UTK’s campus and will increase wireless coverage at UTC.  Ben Simpson and Sam Hicks helped with site installation as well. If you see our team out on campus, take a minute to thank them for all their hard work installing these new units and keeping wireless running. Stay tuned for more updates on new access points around campus.


Ask the CIO

Save the Date!

Next week IT will host our monthly Ask the CIO  lunch and learn format.  Dan Chase will provide training on “Peering into the Black box that is UTC’s Website.”

Have you ever wondered what was behind a website you are visiting? What does it take to make it ‘tick’? Come see an overview of the UTC website architecture, the hardware, software and organization it takes to make it work. Along with a bit of history, to let you know where we have been, how we have grown, and where we may be headed…

Tom Hoover, CIO, will provide an overview of IT at UTC.  Bring your Brown Bag Lunch–drinks, chips and dessert will be provided.
Faculty and Staff Attendees will receive a 1 hour training credit (if they sign in).

Ask the CIO, lunch and learn
Wednesday, May 27 12-1pm
UC Ocoee Room

Unable to attend, but still have a question? Please email

RSA Conference – Six New Attack Techniques

If you’re interested in IT Security, you should watch this RSA Security Conference .

Watch “Chattanooga’s Gig and the future of high speed internet”

Today at 3:30 on Al Jazeera you can watch “Chattanooga’s Gig and the future of high speed internet”. Tom Hoover was interviewed for the show and discussed UTC’s role in the community and high speed internet. To  find Al Jazeera on our local network provider, check here:


Apple Certified Associate: Mac Management 10.10

Information Technology is proud to announce that Marcus Myers, Ben Hoge, Stuart French, and Josh Smith have all received their Apple Certified Associate: Mac Management 10.10 certifications.   Marcus Myers states, “This certification deepened our understanding of Mac management in the enterprise.  Since Macs are not designed for the enterprise, it is very important for the support consultants to have and maintain efficient management strategies for our Mac customers at UTC.”

This is important to the campus because technical certifications are an important way to help clarify and validate key skills which are required for a specific IT roles.  They empower the owners to better meet work requirements and deliver a high level of service to their customers.   They also align peers and validate skill sets within the organization and with external partners.  Finally, along with traditional education and work experience, they are key IT management standards on which careers may be built and career ladders measured. These certifications last the lifetime of the Operating System Version.  In this case Mac OS 10.10.

If you see one of these team members on campus stop to congratulate them and ask them about what they learned.

Apple Cert

Flaw found in virtual floppy code used by Virtualbox, Xen, KVM

A new flaw could allow the bad guys to exploit some modern virtualization environments based on QEMU.

Intel Study, Only 8% can correctly id 10 out of 10 phishing emails.

A study from Intel paints a rough picture of the state of email security awareness.

Firefox 38 supports DRM tech

So now  you can watch Netflix with Firefox.

Microsoft May Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released this month’s set of patches.