Google and Facebook Fighting Fake News

Both companies have changed policies on profits from advertising that link to false or misleading news sites.

BlackNurse “Ping of Death”

Some devices can be DDoS’ed by a relatively small amount of ICMP packets.

Facebook Buying Black Market Passwords

To keep users safe, cash to the bad guys.


Hackers take over Microsoft’s Edge browser and VMware Workstation to win cash.

November Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released 13 updates.  Adobe released patches as well.  Update your software.

Make Sure You Patch MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona

If you have a database, patch it.  Flaws can be chained together to completely compromise a server.

Google Releases Details on Microsoft 0Day

Google only gave Microsoft 7 days before it released details about a 0Day currently in use in the wild.  Microsoft is rushing to create a patch.

New MacBook Pros have Arm Processor

To run the touch bar and touchid sensor.

Windows Atom Bombing Exploit

Using atom tables to get malicious code executed.  All Windows versions are vulnerable.  No patch as this “expected” behavior.

Flash Player Update

Adobe has released a critical patch for a Flash Player vulnerability being used in the wild.