Unlock your phone with a tattoo

It’s temporary but another example of access control.

Firefox 31

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox.  Update if you use it.

Surface Mini is dead

Microsoft confirms that the Surface Mini is dead

Credit card loss at Goodwill

Customers may have had their info stolen.  https://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/07/banks-card-breach-at-goodwill-industries/

Does the iPhone and iPad have the ability to capture packets for “the government?”

A security researcher found “undocumented” services (like pcapd) running on IOS devices.

Cancelling a service can be difficult.

Ars gives a guide on how to cancel a service like Comcast.

Rickroll your Chromecast

Along with other people’s chromecasts.

Chrome 37 on Windows, better font rendering.

That’s because the Chrome 37 Beta now supports Microsoft’s DirectWrite API, a technology that improves the way fonts look on modern screens.

Indexeus, the new “hacker” search engine…

Who are Indexeus’s target customers? Denizens of hackforums[dot]net, a huge forum that is overrun by novice teenage hackers (a.k.a “script kiddies”) from around the world who are selling and buying a broad variety of services designed to help attack, track or otherwise harass people online.

MIT’s “FastPass” routing scheme

 “Fastpass arbiter with just eight cores can be used to manage a network transmitting 2.2 terabits of data per second, according to the researchers”