Google Drive now has primitive OpenDocument format support

The native file formats for openoffice and libreoffice can now be opened in Google Drive.

Dr. Dobbs is gone..

38 years of coding advice and articles

Google Chrome tops the list with most vulnerabilities

This is a good thing as Google fixed all of them.

Google blacklists 11k WordPress sites

Malware infections via vulnerable plugin.

Apple Wins iPod AntiTrust Case

Said DRM was from the Music Labels, other side is appealing.

Local govt access to servers trigger Microsoft,Google to leave Russia

A new law requiring companies keep local info geographically local, and accessible to govt officials, have caused M/G to bail on Russia.

Hackers have leaked Swedish login info due to Pirate Bay shutdown

So the Swedish Authorities seized the Pirate Bay servers and then the hackers leaked some login credentials of govt officials.

Would you trust a Google bank?

Would you let the search giant handle your money?

Quantum Physics and Credit Card Security

Reflected photons used to provide authentication.

Pirate Bay is offline, but piracy continues…

“On the TV front, over the Dec. 6-11 period, pirates swarmed over AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (717,190 average peers per day), followed by CW’s “The Flash” (576,093), CW’s “Arrow” (518,816), FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” (427,167), Showtime Network’s “Homeland” (413,620) and CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” (412,729).”  Yahoo