More details on Why the US thought it was N Korea in Sony Pictures hack

They “got sloppy” with hiding their IPs.

Deeper into the dangers of POODLE

Do you want to know more about last year’s MITM SSL attack?

Minecraft dominates search on Youtube

In 2014 most searches on Youtube were trying to find Minecraft related videos.

Inside CryptoLocker 2

Security experts at Cisco pulls apart the latest version of the malware.

Toyota releases fuel cell patents

Another car maker opening up to foster innovation.

AOL Ad platform serving malware

AOL has stopped the distribution of malware over its ad network.   The bad guys had setup bogus ad servers in Poland and then signed up for AOL delivery.

Rumor:New Retina 12 inch Macbook

The artist rendering of a rumored new Macbook with a Retina display and a single next generation USB port.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Mocs!  If you need any technology help please stop by UC124A or call extension 4000.

Have a great semester!

Thomas Hoover

Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO

Moonpig’s poor security

Their API allowed blind queries to lookup data, no authentication required.

Will Chattanooga get street lamps with WiFi APs?

$150 PowerOverEthernet device brings WiFi to Lights.