Anthem Breach brings Phishing

The bad guys are sending out bogus emails (phishing) about “your Anthem account information”.

Qualtrics: More than just surveys

At the Ask the CIO meeting on 1/28/15 Carson Coe gave a presentation on Qualtrics and how it can be used for more than just surveys. Mr. Coe has used the survey program to create a step by step instructional guide for registering network devices, with unique messages tailored to the specific device that a student or faculty member is trying to register. Innovative approaches like this, along with its extensive statistics application and user-friendly design, make Qualtrics a useful tool for the University in general as well as IT.

2nd Largest Health Insurer, Anthem, Hacked with 80 million affected

Possibly 80 million people have had their name, SSN, DOB, and email stolen as Anthem has suffered a breach. Anthem will be notifying victims and offers 1-877-263-7995 for those worried.

3rd Unscheduled Flash Patch for 2015

Adobe has released another patch for Flash.  Update when you can.

Another 0Day Adobe Flash Vulnerability

Third one so far this year, Adobe has yet to release a patch.

Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 3

TechCrunch tests out MS latest OS.

GHOST Linux vulnerability can be exploited via WordPress

Along with Exim and a few other services, it now appears that WordPress can be vulnerable to GHOST.

Microsoft to invest in Cyanogen

MS plans to back the Android rival OS.

OneDrive for Business now on iOS and OS X

You now can get access to the “professional” OneDrive given to Office 365 users.

Adobe updates its Flash Update

It’s time to patch Flash again.