Sites hosting Ash Mad data getting sued.

A new fed lawsuit vs. some sites hosting dumps/search of the Ashley Madison database.

Adblockers at the top of IOS App Store

IOS 9 and the rise of Adblockers in the IOS App Store.

IOS App Store Cleanup and XCodeGhost malware

Apple is scrubbing the App Store removing apps containing the XCodeGhost malware.  You can see the list of mostly Chinese infect apps.

Your VW is smart enough to pass admissions…

Software makes sure you pass your admissions test.

Don’t post your private keys…

D-link made a big boo-boo…

Google fixes Lollipop lock screen bypass

If you have Lollipop, use a password  (not a PIN) on your lock screen, and your phone allows locked-screen access to your camera, a long password would crash the camera app and dump back to the home screen.  This has been fixed in the latest patch.

200k servers still vulnerable to Heartbleed

One of last year’s greatest vulnerabilities still posses a serious threat.

Your free AntiVirus may be selling your surfing habits.

If you use AVG or AVAST free products, you might want to read about their 3rd party policy.

AdBlock Plus paying other blockers to allow its “acceptable ads?

A French blog is stating that ABP is pushing its “extortion advertising model” to other blockers for $$.

TSA don’t care if you have the MasterKeys

Made for convenience, the master keys fit TSA approved luggage to allow for quick open/close.  You can now download the plans to print your own Master Keys and the TSA isn’t worried.