Microsoft, $1.7B in the red from Surface

The Surface program is costing MS a lot of cash.

Fastforward through your life’s videos with Hyperlapse

Microsoft intros FF w/o camera motion for your GoPro videos.

IBM’s bionic frog brain

4096 cores that simulate synapses with the powers of a frog’s brain.

Microsoft to drop support for Internet Explorer 6,7,8 in Jan 2016

If you still must use XP, you shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer. ¬†Microsoft to drop support for old IE versions.

Hacker “redirects” 19 ISPs in Bitcoin Theft

Using BGP, a bad guy controlled router traffic in an attempt to steal cpu cycles for mining Bitcoin.

Company that sells “professional” keylogging software hacked

FinFisher, the company that sells the similarly named professional spying software, has lost about 40GB of data that contains effectiveness reports and other internal documents.

WordPress/Drupal DOS vulnerability

A newly discovered flaw could allow Denial of Service attack vs websites.

AOL’s millions of dial up users

Still a “cash cow” for AOL.

Apple’s patent for Siri as a “third” input

In addition to keyboard and mouse, Siri may also be used for input to a computer.

Google to give search priority to sites using https encryption

Trying to promote the use of https, Google will now use that to influence search results.