Apple adds Windows 10 support to Boot Camp

If you run Win10 on your Mac, you now get supported drivers.

World’s Largest Capacity Hard Drive is an SSD

Samsung shows off it’s 16TB SSD.

Even with Privacy Controls set to “don’t tell,” Windows 10 still sends info to Microsoft.

Searches send info to Bing that includes some “Cortana” data.

Details on Thunderstrike 2 Mac Malware

The details (and slides) of the Mac “rootkit” malware that can use Thunderbolt as the infection vector.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for August

3 critical patches plus a few more.  Make sure to update your Microsoft Products.

Massive Flash Patch Released

If you use Flash, its time to update.  More than 30 vulnerabilities patched.

Google becomes part of Alphabet

A restructuring of Google’s companies to be publicly traded as Alphabet.  

Another Android Vulnerability:Evil app can replace good app

The last few versions of Android are vulnerable to having a good app replaced by a malicious one.

Benchmarks:Windows 10 vs 8.1 vs 7

TechSpot runs benchmarks on the last few Windows operating systems.

Get Your Devices Ready for Fall 2015

To better accommodate the high demand of IT services in the first two weeks of the Fall 2015 semester, the IT Solutions Center is temporarily opening a secondary location on weekdays between August 13th and August 23rd.

Between 11am and 5pm, students may visit the Game Room in the University Center for help with services such as:

  • Connecting your device to the internet (laptop, mobile, handheld game console)
  • Syncing your email to your device
  • Resetting your UTC password
  • Signing up for UTC Alerts

Between 7:30am and 9pm(5pm on Fridays), students may visit the first floor of Pfeiffer Hall for help with the above services as well as:

  • Removing malware/viruses
  • Installing software
  • Connecting non-handheld game consoles to the internet

For weekend support, visit Room 105 in Pfeiffer Hall between 1pm and 9pm.

For self-help documentation on the above services, use the following links: