Krebs Hit with Record DDoS Attack

KrebsOnSecurity got hit with a record (for the site) Denial of Service attack.  It’s a good read.

Tesla Patches Vulnerabilities

I’m pretty sure that soon well have “Patch Tuesdays” for our cars.

Smart Home = Easy Open Home

Using Apple’s Homekit and an iPad Pro, you just have to yell to ask Siri to unlock the front door.

Firefox Patched

Upgrade now if you use it.

Apple Updates OS X, Safari

The new version of macOS is now available along with updates for Safari. 

Phishing Attempt: “Technical Issue”

Please be aware of an ongoing phishing attempt referencing a “Technical Issue” and warning your account will soon expire. If you receive this email, please delete it from your inbox. IT has been notified and the link included in the email has been blocked on the UTC and UTC-Secure network. Unfortunately, the University cannot block the link on non-University networks, so we ask our campus to be cautious of this attempt and respond appropriately.

iPhone 7 Teardown

Want to see what is inside the latest iPhone?

Rumor:No More Adobe Flash Downloads

This article states that Adobe will be removing the download links for the current version (and older) of Flash Player.

Take Over a Google Phone, Get $200k

The latest reward from Google requires that you send an email or sms to a fully patched Google phone and get “root” within an hour.

ClixSense Hacked

More than 6 million users of the “pay to click site” are affected including passwords and payment details.