Google+ now focusing on Collections and Communities

New focus, new “home stream,” new look.  Google is trying to get you to use G+ as some combination of Reddit and Facebook.

VirusTotal now accepts Android and OS X Malware

The largest malware sandbox now can handle both Android and OS X malware samples.

T. Cook says no iOS/OS X convergence

So it seems that the iPad Pro v2 and derivatives wont ever run OS X.  I seem to remember S. Jobs saying no one needs a stylus as well.

Facebook to warn parents, “Are you sure you want to post this picture of your children?”

Drawing on its facial recognition technology DeepFace, Facebook will soon start warning users when posting pictures of children.

Javascript flaw endangers Android Chrome App

A new zero day found in Chrome for Android could allow full access to the bad guys by just visiting a malicious site.

FBI says it did not pay academic researchers to unmask Tor

The Tor group, creators of the anonymizing software, says they have proof that the FBI paid $1 million to CMU to “break” Tor security.

Anonymous increases up cyber assault on ISIS

The “hactivist” group Anonymous, already “at war” with ISIS, has stated it will increase efforts to expose the terrorist group and its activities.

Your Smart TV may be watching you.

Vizio is the latest manufacturer to try and sell information on the behavior of those who use its TVs.

Linked In app may be pilfering your data even though you said no

A user on Reddit (granted not the WSJ) details on efforts to keep contact info from the Linked In App.

You can’t hear it, but you phone could be talking to your tablet and their both tracking you…

Now it appears that ads, running on two different devices, may be able to emit a sound at a frequency “beyond human hearing” to “pair” with each other in an effort to better track you.