EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues of 2015

Greetings,  EDUCAUSE announced its Top 10 IT Issues 2015.    Check them out  Do you agree?  What do you think?

Classrooms of the future- NPR Ed

What will the classroom of the future look like here at UTC?

Google to no longer update WebView leaving Jelly Bean vulnerable

Over 1B people still use Jelly Bean.  WebView is used by Apps to render webpages.

Lizard Stresser and Home Routers

Krebs finds out that most of the nodes used for the DDOS attacks are poorly configured home routers.

Google to sell insurance?

Wonder what the mascot/icon will be

15% of business cloud accounts hacked?

According to the company Netskope.

Some ASUS routers have backdoor

The infosvr service running on port 9999 could allow a bad guy full access to the router.

Microsoft changes security notifications

Now you have to register and pick your products to get advanced notification of patches.

FCC wants Internet as a Utility?

FCC chief hints at Public Utility rules may be used for ISPs.

Malware from legitimate websites

Make sure you run updates on your computer and always use the most up to date browsers.  Sometimes going to a legitimate website can still lead to a virus if you don’t have updates or an anti-virus program. If you are on campus and your computer is infected, please contact the Call Center at (423) 425-4000 and they will assist you.