USA: “All ur data belong to us”

In essence, President Barack Obama’s administration claims that any company with operations in the United States must comply with valid warrants for data, even if the content is stored overseas. It’s a position Microsoft and companies like Apple say is wrong, arguing that the enforcement of US law stops at the border.”

Microsoft, “Use weak passwords for non-important sites.”

It’s too difficult for the average person to have strong passwords for all sites.

Google’s Project Zero to fight “evil” on the Internet

A new team to improve “security” on the Internet.

Google’s Sugar Sensing Contact Lenses

Working with Novartis.

Google+ no longer requires “real names”

Three years and an apology later.

Oracle releases patches

Critical fixes for Java and other products.  Update Java or get rid of it if you can.

IBM to sell iPads, Apple to develop “Enterprise” services

100 “Industry” specific apps.

Windows Start Menu returns

Leaked builds of the latest beta of the next version of Windows show the Start Menu is back.

AVG “Secure” Toolbar introduces vulnerability

If you install AVG antivirus you will be prompted to install the AVG Toolbar, uncheck the box.

Microsoft’s new “vision”

Sharpening its “devices and services” strategy to focus on “productivity and platforms.”