Google releases a new WiFi “Hub” for your house.

The “OnHub” seeks to be the link between all of your wireless devices (WiFi, BlueTooth).

Critical Internet Explorer Patch Released Today

Microsoft will be releasing an out of band (emergency) patch for all versions of IE today.

Microsoft’s EULA for Windows 10 allows checking for illegal games, hardware

With Windows 10’s EULA, Microsoft can “search your system” for illegal games, and hardware (what is illegal hardware?).

Dell Chromebooks for Business

Google and Dell are using Chrome to keep legacy systems alive for businesses.

Pinned SSL Certs lead to retrieval of BMW, Chrysler, and Mercedes “Virtual Keys”

A researcher has used the technique from “OwnStar” to intercept the virtual keys provided by the car maker’s IOS app.

Apple releases updates for OS X and IOS

It’s time to patch your Apple stuff.  Make sure to visit the “App Store” to patch your systems.

Apple adds Windows 10 support to Boot Camp

If you run Win10 on your Mac, you now get supported drivers.

World’s Largest Capacity Hard Drive is an SSD

Samsung shows off it’s 16TB SSD.

Even with Privacy Controls set to “don’t tell,” Windows 10 still sends info to Microsoft.

Searches send info to Bing that includes some “Cortana” data.

Details on Thunderstrike 2 Mac Malware

The details (and slides) of the Mac “rootkit” malware that can use Thunderbolt as the infection vector.