Microsoft killing off Internet Explorer name

Spartan is the future.

What’s new in Android 5.1

Ars looks at the latest android OS.

Spotlight on the Digital Students-Wireless Networks at UTC

Most students at UTC probably take wireless coverage on campus for granted. On February 20 the digital students were given a look into what it takes to keep wireless working at UTC, what some of the issues faced are, and had a brief primer on the technology that keeps our campus online. The presentation by Mr. Jess Williams was a brief, but focused, look at everything from the bandwidths used for wi-fi, to the technology employed and how UTC is moving from a coverage model to a capacity model. “Due to the hardware limitations some devices have it is possible that you can be sitting in a classroom, have full wi-fi bars, but still not be able to use the internet.” He said, while showing an older wi-fi strength map of Brock Hall. “When the only wireless devices that students brought to the classroom were laptops we were able to ensure that they had coverage with just a single Access Port.” Switching to another slide of the same building, but more current, he continued. “Now we have multiple devices that are attempting to get online and a single AP just can’t do the job on its own anymore.”

The students got a chance to look at many of the tools that Mr. Williams and Mr. Robbie Reel use in their jobs, including a device that can detect wireless signals, a program that monitors the bandwidth of different wireless signals, and several Access Point models.

Digital Students

In a new initiative for UTC several students are being given an inside look at just how the UTC IT system works. This year, for the first time, several students (with majors ranging from Computer Science to Interior Design) are being taught what goes into the infrastructure of a modern campus. Speaking with their instructor Mr. Robbie Reel he expressed a hope that this will help the students no matter where they go in life. “Even though they probably won’t all work at universities, digital infrastructure and IT is everywhere now. What they are learning will give them a great perceptive on it that they can bring to the table, no matter what job they get.”


Adobe Releases Flash Update

If you use Flash, you should update ASAP.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6

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Windows 10 will allow user to select UI style

The latest build allows users to select which UI (Desktop or Metro) to use, or to allow Windows to auto switch.

Yahoo’s new on demand passwords

Sign up and they send you a text when you visit Yahoo.

SSDs start showing “wear” at 200TB data transfers

The SSD Endurance Experiment helped show the endurance limits of SSDs.

NTP may be on the way out

The 30 year old Network Time Protocol may be retired soon.