Adobe Flash Player Update

Adobe has released a patch for Flash.  If you use it, update it.

The Dangers of IoT Continue

The rise of the network connected smart devices created w/o security in mind.

AdBlock Plus Sells Ads

One of the most popular ad blockers now sells ads trying to maintain a balance between the free web and intrusive advertising.

iOS 10 is out

Before you upgrade, you might want to review the differences.

iPhone 7 Review

Gruber reviews the iPhone 7.

Seagate NAS Servers Vulnerable to BitCoin Mining Malware

If you have a Seagate NAS, make sure its FTP server is not available via the Internet.

Critical MySQL Flaw

No patches or mitigations (official) but make sure your my.cnf file is owned by root.

In 2017 Google Chrome Labels Non-HTTPS Sites as Non Secure

To bolster the effort of https for all web connections, Chrome will start warning users about any site they visit that does not require encryption.

Loud Noise Can Damage Hard Drives

Bank loses main data center due to fire extinguisher test.

Stealing Credentials from a Locked Workstation

Plugging in a specially prepared USB device allows the collection of Windows password hash.