If you use Panda AV, your PC may be in trouble.

Do not reboot your PC.
The latest update for Panda AV quarantines important system files and requires another update to fix.

It’s Patch Tuesday

Time to update your Microsoft Products (including Mac Office).

Apple releases iOS 8.2 and Security Update 2015-002

Apple has released updates for both of its current operating systems.  Users should update when possible.

Microsoft says Windows is also vulnerable to FREAK

The latest “vulnerability” FREAK also affects Windows.

Android Browser and Safari vulnerable to Freak

A vulnerability exists in Safari (OSX iOS Windows) and the Android Browser (not Chrome) that allows a malicious website to trick the browser into using an insecure (old) encryption cipher. 

Samsung and LoopPay

New Samsung phones have devices to generate magnetic fields that can be read by conventional card swipes.

Invisibility Glasses

Protecting from facial recognition.

Firefox 36 released

New design for android tablets and HTTP/2

New Critical Samba flaw

The most popular Microsoft compatible network server for Linux, Samba, has a new vulnerability that allows unencrypted access to “root.”  Redhat 4/5 is not affected, but RH 6 and 8 is.

FBI offers $3m for hacker

Largest reward ever offered.  The FBI really wants this Russian hacker.