Python now top “teaching” language…

Knocks Java off its throne

Blackberry’s new square phone

More screen real estate, weird shape.

Android “Factory Reset” doesn’t securely delete phone’s contents.

If you are getting rid of your phone, a factory reset won’t prevent someone from “undeleting” your files.  Make sure to use something that securely deletes files.

Adobe Patches Flash Player

All users should upgrade.  Chrome automatically patches it’s copy of Flash.  Windows 8 provides Flash patches for Internet Explorer.

Police dogs finding hard drives

Looking for child pornography, police dogs can be trained to find electronic storage.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for July

Two critical patches, make sure to update.

No more Java for XP

Oracle no longer supports Java for Windows XP.

Charge your devices before flight.

“Dead” electronics no longer allowed on flights.  Officials need to be able to see they are working.

Symantec says Dragonfly hackers attacking critical infrastructure networks

Electrical grids, power plants, and oil pipelines are ongoing targets.

Microsoft improves security

Improvements to encryption on inbound and outbound emails.  OneDrive and Outlook now using Perfect Forward Secrecy.