Your Skull, Your Password

Using sound induction, your skull can be your password….

Oracle Releases Batch of Patches

Almost 140 patches for a variety of products including MySQL.

Google, Microsoft, and Others vs. Burr-Feinstein Bill

Some big tech companies have written an open letter against the “anti-encryption” bill.

Apple Drops Quicktime for Windows, Uninstall Now!

Two vulnerabilities, which won’t be patched by Apple, in Quicktime for Windows are being actively exploited.  Some Adobe Products need it.

Update Your iPad or NTP Can Brick Your Battery

A new vulnerability has been found that can set your iPad’s clock back to 1970 and eat up your battery.  Update to 9.3.1.

Electricity from Cheese

Burning that bio-methane…..

Microsoft to Require TPM 2.0 for Windows 10 Hardware

Microsoft is going to make it mandatory for any manufacturer that uses Windows 10 to include  Trusted Platform Management 2.0 with an exception for the Internet of Things Devices with “embedded” Win 10.

Google Chrome 50

Google has released a new version of Chrome and it will update itself.  No critical vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released April’s patches.  Apply ASAP.

Locky, It Keeps Evolving

Better evasion techniques, faster infections, and more infection vectors in the latest gen of this ransomware.