Windows 10, Fall 2015

The next version of Windows won’t be released to the public until the Fall of ’15.

Some dangers of using “Login with Linkedin” and other 3rd party authentication

An article on how unverified email addresses were used to login to sites.  “could register a victim’s email address with an identity provider and a chosen website, then click the social network sign-in button to gain access, all without ever clicking an email verification link.”

Latest Dec 3rd Safari Patch Buggy

If you patched OS X Safari in the last few days, you might be experiencing difficulties using the browser.

Adobe Patch List for December 2014

Adobe plans on releasing patches on Dec 9th for Reader and Acrobat for critical vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Patch List for December 2014

Three critical updates for Windows, Office, and IE.

Sony hack included 47k SSNs

Mostly employees, including contractors, stored in unencrypted Excel format.

CryptoPHP, new “WordPress” malware

“Evil” plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have been found.

Regin malware

Symantec says it’s very complex, made by a “super power,” and has been in operation since 2008.

Free SSL certs for everyone

EFF, Mozilla, and others are starting a “free” Certificate Authority to provide SSL certs for anyone.

Firefox switches to Yahoo search, dropping Google as default

You will still be able to switch back to Google.