Seagate sub LaCie has pre-announced a 6TB near line disk drive from its parent and it doesn’t appear to use the slow write shingled magnetic recording technology.

The #1 paid app in the Google Playstore “Virus Shield” is a complete scam

Android Police has discovered that all the app does is change a red “X” graphic to a red “check” graphic.

HTTPS Strict Transport Protocol (HSTS) in Internet Explorer 12

Browsers supporting HSTS force any sessions sent over HTTP to be sent instead over HTTPS, encrypting communication to and from a website.

Microsoft products to block “adware”

New objective criteria drafted up by the company stipulates that by July 1 internet ads must have a visible close button and must clearly state who’s behind them, or they’ll be branded as adware.

Powershell Malware

Most significantly, instead of creating or including executable code, CRIGENT uses the Windows PowerShell to carry out its routines. PowerShell is a powerful interactive shell/scripting tool that is available for all current versions of Windows

Microsoft’s Security Products Will Block Adware By Default Starting On July 1

As of July 1, the company’s security products will immediately stop any adware they detect and notify the user, who can then restore the program if they wish. Currently, when any of Microsoft’s security products (including Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront) detects a program as adware, it will alert the user and offer them a recommended action

Threshold Revealed: Microsoft Talks the Future of Windows

Microsoft on Wednesday confirmed my previous reports that it would ship a Windows update that brings back the Start menu as an option and lets users run Modern apps on the Windows desktop in floating windows.

NASA must immediately cease contact with Russia

that this move comes less than a month after NASA administrator Charles Bolden assured the public that the situation in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula wouldn’t disrupt space cooperation between the United States and Russia

Hackers Turn Security Camera DVRs Into Worst Bitcoin Miners Ever

But it also tries to earn a little scratch for its creators by mining bitcoins, a processor-intensive activity that would probably slow down any infected DVR.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Review

Update 1 matters, and is the clearest indication yet that Microsoft remains committed to listening to feedback and writing the wrongs of the original release of Windows 8.