Adobe To Release Emergency Patch for Flash

Adobe will release an emergency patch for a Flash vulnerability that is currently being exploited.

New Browser Pays You to View Ads

A new browser from Brave pays the user in bitcoin when ads are displayed.

Google Releases Android Patch for Nexus Devices

If you own a Nexus, it’s time to patch.

Buying a New VR Rig? Make Sure to Read the Fine Print.

The Vive and the Oculus are now available for purchase with the Oc coming with some questionable small print.  Hint:It’s owned by Facebook.

Bash on Windows

Something I never thought would happen, a real command line on Windows.  Working with Ubuntu engineers, Microsoft has brought the full bash shell (most functionality) to Windows.

Rokku, the Helpful Ransomware

Not only does it encrypt your hard drive, it offers QR codes to easy payment and Google translate to make sure you understand your situation.

Hacking Steam to Insert a Game

A whitehat, after warning Steam but getting no response, managed to game the system and upload a “game” to Steam which was then available to all users.

Wi-Fi upgrades in residence halls

Hello UTC residents! Have you heard the good news? You’re getting a network upgrade if you live in UTC’s residence halls!

Click here to read Chancellor Angle’s message.

As Chancellor Angle mentioned, the current Wi-Fi in UTC’s residence halls isn’t able to support the huge number of devices trying to connect. This is because the current system wasn’t designed to handle the huge growth of mobile devices on campus. Students we’re bringing desktops and laptops to campus as their primary means of connectivity when the last residence hall wireless system was installed. Desktop computers were plugged in using Ethernet cables and laptops were the only devices connecting to the Wi-Fi. Smartphones, tablets, network TVs, wireless gaming consoles, and various multimedia devices hadn’t hit the consumer market yet. Wireless networks at the time were mostly thought of as a secondary means of connecting your devices, while plugging in was still the primary way of connecting to the network. As we all know, this has changed. The current wireless system in the residence halls is overloaded so the design needs to change to meet the connectivity requirements of all these newer devices and applications.

If you live in Boling, Stagmaier or Guerry Apartments, you may have already heard the knock on your dorm room door last week followed by a couple of UTC IT staff carrying in a ladder and various network gizmos. We will be visiting each residence hall to prepare for the upcoming wireless upgrades. IT staff are performing wireless site surveys so that we can decide where the best place is to install wireless access points (APs) in each building. We are collecting data on signal loss through walls, propagation, interference, and other RF characteristics in your building. Surveys in the rooms ensure that the new Wi-Fi design will provide you with an excellent experience with speeds to meet the needs of your wireless devices.

Speeding Ticket Malware

Some bad guys are sending “official police” emails with specific traffic data (date, time, speed) of the recipient containing links to malware.  The traffic data is thought to have been gathered from a “leaking app.”

Hardware Keyloggers Found in Canadian Library

A few hardware keyloggers were found in the library of Concordia University.