New Ransomware, Zepto

Seems to be a descendant of Locky.

Google’s My Activity

See what Google knows about your activities.

Android Nougat

Google has named its latest Android release.

Foxit Reader Patches

If you use Foxit, you need to patch it.

Android Ransomware on the Rise

If you use Android, make sure to only install products from the Play store and only after you’ve fully researched them by visiting external websites etc.  Also make sure to use some form of major antivirus on your device.

Symantec/Norton Products, Upgrade Now!

If you use Norton or Symantec software, you need to patch it.

$10k Judgment From Forced Windows 10 Upgrade

A woman has won 10000 from Microsoft due to lost productivity after a botched Win10 upgrade.

$700k for 640k Patient Records

Thedarkoverlord put the offer on the dark web.

You Will Have To Opt In to Apple’s AI

If you want Siri to know about you, you’ll have to ok it in your differential privacy settings.

Google CEO Quora Account Hacked

OurMine hacked the Quora account  of Sundar Pichai.