iOS 10.2 Released

You should upgrade your iOS device

NetGear Router Flaw

If you have a R7000 or R6400, you need to stop using it.  If you use another brand, make sure to update it.

Phishing Warning:Locked Out

UTC is receiving phishing emails with the Subject: Locked Out.  Please just delete them.  If  you have any questions, contact The Support Center at 4000.

Possible DailyMotion Hack

If you login to use the video sharing site, you should change your password.

Firefox 0Day Exploit In The Wild

Update Firefox ASAP if you use it.

Apple Calendar Spam

If you’ve been recently getting spam invites on OS X via the Calendar, there’s a few things that you can do until Apple fixes the problem.

Phishing Warning:Suspicious Access

We are currently receiving emails with the Subject: Suspicious Access.  Please just delete them.  Do not follow the link.  If you have any questions, contact the support center at 4000.

WordPress Flaw Affects 27% of the Sites on the Internet

According to writeup, the update mechanism used by WordPress could be abused.

Be Wary of Computer Support Scams

From a phone call, email, or even at Office Depot.

Visual Studio For the Mac

Microsoft has released a preview of Visual Studio for the Mac.