Local Music in the Chattanooga Area


A favorite local Chattanooga pub.

A favorite local Chattanooga pub.

By Lauren McFall

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/Mocs News) — Local music in Chattanooga Tenn. is rich with diversity and easy to find. Many places such as The Local, Market St. Tavern and Tremont Tavern offer artists a chance to be heard.


Local artist, Tim Cofield plays at Tremont Tavern open mic night every Tuesday. ““Great venue for local artists to come out and try a new song.” Cofield moved to Chattanooga from Minneapolis but was originally from our northern neighbors, Canada.


Cofield plays with a unique and inspiring sound.

Cofield plays with a unique and inspiring sound.

Drawing inspirations from Blue Grass and Folk music like the Carpenters, Cofield made the sound his own, adding in a little bit of Rock and Roll. Cofield has his own myspace page where you can listen to his unique sound.


Tremont Tavern located at 1203 Hixson Pike, known for having a great band and cozy atmosphere is a Chattanooga local favorite. The website also offers a calendar of events, photos, and even a way for local artists to contact the Tavern for possible gigs.


Chattanooga offers many ways for local artist to be heard. Chattarock.com is a great way to get in contact with local bars and clubs to set up gigs. The site offers a calendar, forums, and a list of bands who play in the area.

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