These are some of the cars that have been built by UTC Engineering students in the past years

UTC Engineering students compete in the Baja SAE. Baja SAE is a series of collegiate design competitions hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers every year. For this competitions the students are to build a 4-wheel, off-road vehicle that can endure different types of testing. During the competitions the car is tested for different performances such as acceleration, maneuverability, and endurance. This project is undertaken by the students as their Graduation project in the engineering courses 3850 and 4850. To find out more about the SAE and Baja competitions click here.



The students that are part of the 2012-2013 Racing Mocs are: Amjad Abdullah,Matthew Addison, Jared Baker, Justin Cartwright, Corey Cresswell, Casey Dillon, Christopher Hawk, Maria Juliana Loza, Khanh Nguyen, Brandon Rodgers, and Emily Stark.

**Keep checking out this website for updates on the construction of the car and testing events.

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