The College of Engineering and Computer Science along with the SimCenter at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, UTC has proposed a project that would target the improvement of children’s understanding of wind power generation by interacting with a model wind farm. As a part of the senior design course, ENGR 3850 offered by UTC a project team was formed. The team will study the power generation of wind and develop a scaled model of a wind farm. Therefore the purpose of the project is to design and construct a scaled model wind farm that will be easily transported in a compact hatchback vehicle, simulate the cause and effects of a wind farm, and stimulate STEM K-12 education. The first milestone for the team was to develop a conceptual design for the project. The conceptual design was proposed to the technical advisor, the client, the dean, and the professor. The design was done by breaking the work into three different sections. These sections are laid out as the base, the fan, and the turbine. Once a design for each component was picked by the team, the next task was to develop a complete unit design that incorporates all three components and satisfied the purpose of the project.

 The wind farm team for UTC 3850 includes Lindsay Taylor, Josh Ware, Clint Clayton, Nick Johnson, Davin Rieman, Stephen Rue, Ashley Poe, and Jamie West.

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