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Anderson Avenue Preliminary System Design

Our system’s preliminary design takes our conceptual design and improves on quite a few components of it.   It has moved into a single chamber design with a weir between the inflow and outflow pipes. This design has 3 Plexiglas lids (for ease of access inside the vault for maintenance),  high strength concrete, a waterproof “Job box” (shown in green), a small NEMA type-4 enclosure, a ladder for access, and

Anderson Avenue Filtration

Since the Anderson Avenue group will not be designing the filtration of the system, we decided it would be a good step forward to look into various methods of filtration for the client to look at later. Cartridge filtration was considered, which uses hydraulic head to filter stormwater through a sand-based cartridge system. This proposed system would use more than ten cartridges. From an estimate from Contech, this cartridge

Anderson Avenue Conceptual Design

This is the conceptual design created by the Anderson Avenue Design team during the planning phase of this project. It is a three chambered design with a projected 85% TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal per rain event. It has a separate electronics enclosure within the vault itself. In case of a peak flow event, there is a bypass configuration routed under the electronics enclosure.   This system showcases a cartridge filtration

Anderson Avenue Project Introduction

Our group is designing a test bed to be installed by the City of Chattanooga as part of the stormwater and streetscape improvements to the Anderson Avenue area. The test bed will be installed in a permanent “vault” in the area designated by the City of Chattanooga. This test bed will evaluate aspects of stormwater flow and water quality using robust sensors. Data will be collected and sent through the City’s

Anderson Avenue

This is the space created for the Anderson avenue team so we might have a place to post on the UTC web site. PLEASE,  feel free to update and develop this site at your leisure.