Join the Sick Leave Bank through June 28th!

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you had an unexpected illness or injury that caused you to be unable to work?  You still need to a paycheck, but you can’t work… then your sick leave and annual leave are used up? Are you in the Sick Leave Bank?

The UTC Sick Leave Bank is a common pool of hours to which staff and 12-month faculty donate some of their accumulated leave. The sick leave bank shall provide emergency sick leave to member employees who have suffered disability due to an unplanned personal illness, injury, or quarantine and who have exhausted their compensatory time and personal, sick, and annual leave balances.

Employees may join the Sick Leave Bank during the enrollment period (April 1 – June 28). Any regular staff or 12-month faculty member, who accrues sick leave and has a current sick leave balance of at least 48 hours on June 30, is eligible to join for a donation of 24 hours. The sick leave balance requirement is prorated for part-time employees.  Read MORE..

Memorial Hospital and Doctors join Blue Cross Network “S”

Memorial Health Care System (Memorial) will join the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of TN Network “S” starting March 27, 2013. Memorial includes Memorial Hospital (main campus), Memorial Hospital Hixson and the Mary Ellen Locher Breast Center.

Doctors with Memorial Health Partners and Beacon Health Alliance are in Network “S” now. Memorial Mission Surgery Center will be in Network “S” March 27, 2013, and the Chattanooga Heart Institute joins Network “S” April 1, 2013. If you are making plans to receive care at a Memorial Hospital facility, please note the date they will join Network “S”.

Blue Ribbon Award Winners for 2013

Has a UTC employee gone the extra mile to help you?

You can show your appreciation by nominating that person for the Blue Ribbon Award. A committee appointed by the chancellor will select monthly an award winner who exhibits outstanding service to others. Nominations should be specific in identifying incidents or situations that show the nominee has served his/her customers with special distinction.

If you have a nominee to be considered at an upcoming meeting, please e-mail your nomination to Melanie Sadler (, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, or mail to Dept. 3603.

All non-faculty staff (full or part-time) with at least one year’s regular service are eligible for the award. Any UTC faculty, staff, student, alumnus, or member of the community are invited to submit nominations.

Blue Ribbon Winners, 2013


Linda Kidd, Administrative Specialist I, Health and Human Performance, is appreciated by her supervisor, Dr. Gary Liguori.  “Ms. Kidd is extremely diligent about her job and I have seen her go far beyond the call of duty on many occasions,” Liguori said.  For instance, Liguori recalled the way Kidd handled a call from an extremely worried parent of twin boys who were not able to secure housing.  “Ms. Kidd spent quite a bit of time that day on the phone with various people across campus to see what could be done for these two, and didn’t stop in her effort until residence life was able to determine that the boys did in fact have a place in housing, there had simply been an oversight. Ms. Kidd routinely makes these types of efforts for students regardless of their major or department. She is an exemplary employee who is proud to be a part of UTC, and because of this I feel she is an extremely worthy recipient of a Blue Ribbon award.”


Doug Sansom, Craft Specialist III, Campus Recreation, handles maintenance issues or problems that may arise in the Aquatics and Recreation Center.   He’s been a busy guy!  According to Caesar Wood, Director of Campus Recreation, Sansom worked nearly seven days a week, even weekends to ensure the ARC pool rehab project was completed as soon as possible.  ”His dedication to give up his time on Saturdays and Sundays to work with the contractors is above and beyond what is expected and he never did complain one minute!” exclaimed Wood.  One particular problem took Sansom’s creative powers.  “The contractors who re-plastered the pool did not install the hand rails and they were having problems getting these installed with the water in the pool.  So Doug came up with a very creative way to get them installed correctly and safely!  He used some engine pliers with a needle nose end and used his snorkel abilities with a wrench to get these installed.  If you could be here to see it- it was impressive on how he was able to get the job done.  His ability to think creatively and get the job done for the safety of our students should be commended.”


Everybody knows Sue Garrett in Surplus, Administrative Support Assistant for Purchasing.  But you may not know how seriously she has taken to heart UTC’s commitment to reduce its campus carbon footprint, which includes eliminating reusable and recyclable materials from landfills.  Lisa Darger, Sustainability Coordinator, says Garrett “works with our contractors to ensure that not only does UTC recoup all property suitable for auction, she collects broken items (chairs, desks, shelving) that have recyclable plastics, woods, or metals.  She has taken the extra step to break down some items and retrieve materials which can be recycled.  For example, the wiring conduit from construction projects has a fair amount of copper, which has monetary value.   Old computer cables, cords, floppy disks, books – the list of items which used to be thrown into dumpsters now are in the UTC recycling stream.  Another recent example is the move at McClellan Gym.  The recyclables collected actually paid for the contractors’ labor.”  According to Darger, Garrett has done all this on her own initiative “because she understands and believes it benefits our University.”


Maria Derrick, Assistant Director of the Partnerships and Sponsored Programs Department, is recognized for her excellent, customer-oriented service and dedication to others by Dr. Gregory Heath, Assistant Provost for Research and Engagement. Derrick’s job is difficult and requires specialized knowledge and an ability to work with many different kinds of people under stress of deadlines. Derrick handles delicate contract negotiations and proposals while always being considerate of constituents, building relationships between UTC and external sponsors. According to Dr. Nick Honerkamp, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Geography, “Year in and year out, Maria has been critical in dealing with ‘emergency’ time-sensitive proposals and contracts. This is due to (1) her extensive knowledge about the contract process, and (2) her strong work ethic. Last month she successfully negotiated an archaeological research contract with a sponsor who had next to no experience with the contract process, and she was able to complete the contract process while the archaeologists were actually in transit to the research site.” Coworkers say that Derrick is positive, professional, and a pleasure to work with.


Debbie Giles, Administrative Services Assistant, Physical Therapy, is recognized for her dedication for those around her. “She volunteered and mentored the new Occupational Therapy secretary. She scheduled biweekly meetings with Ms. Cathy Eppinger. She is going over all the ins and outs of UTC, all around her own work schedule,” says Dr. Larry Tillman, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physical Therapy.  She handles unscheduled advisements, makes sure faculty turn in materials and schedules before deadlines, and makes sure students have all required immunizations and medical paper work in on time so that students can attend their clinical experiences. “Faculty considers her the ‘glue’ that keeps the department running smoothly and the students think of her as ‘mom’ away from home,” says Tillman.


While J.D. Kyzer, head coach of the women’s soccer team, looks to prepare his players to compete on the field, he has also provided chances for his players to succeed off the field as well. Through volunteer opportunities at Brown International Academy, Kyzer has encouraged his players to take part in mentorship programs for students in need of positive encouragement. Sergeant Matt Holzmacher of the UTC Police Department has two children who attend Brown Academy, and he has seen firsthand how beneficial the UTC soccer players’ mentoring has been. “I was encouraged that Coach Kyzer had invested in his athletes in such a manner that they value giving back to those in need. Kyzer has a history of encouraging his athletes to part of the community and should be awarded for his humble service,” said Holzmacher.


Although getting trapped in an elevator can be a precarious circumstance, the attitude and response of Officer Harry Wolverton quickly turned what could have been an extremely stressful situation into one that was, according to Dr. Lyn Miles, “not a big deal.” After being trapped in the library elevator once it surprisingly jammed, Wolverton was the first responder to the scene. “While we waited for the fire department to arrive, Officer Wolverton continued to talk to me through the shaft and kept conversation going until the rescue could begin. I wasn’t panicked but appreciated his efforts to keep me calm and feeling connected to the outside world,” said Miles.


After Sue Stephens and Nancy Davis in Facilities Planning and Management were given a whole host of new responsibilities to handle, it was the helpful nature of Bob Snider that made the new workload manageable. Snider normally manages their store room while also handling the ordering and stocking of parts for the entire University. A new process required Stephens and Davis to go back through a vast array of documents to find vendor numbers. “We process the largest number of invoices on campus. Bob took it upon himself to contact vendors and asked if they would include their vendor numbers on the invoices. This may not sounds like a lot to anyone else, but to us it is a huge. I cannot find enough words to say how much that has helped us and how grateful we are for his thoughtfulness. To step outside his job duties and give to others is the greatest kindness I can imagine,” said Davis.


As the Program Specialist in the Office of International Programs & National Student Exchange, Joyce Blevins often deals with circumstances that are “exceptions to the UTC rule.” Whether it is making trips to departmental offices to pick up forms from faculty to process paperwork more quickly for a student, or working to speed up grade and transcript submissions for students nearing graduation, or making sure students in exchange programs are receiving the appropriate credit hours and meeting requirements, Blevins consistently goes above and beyond her responsibilities. Blevins often stays late in the office to help accommodate a student or faculty member’s schedule. For her supervisor, Hugh Prevost, Blevins demonstrates a constant commitment to the University community. “She truly has her customer’s best interests in mind as she carries out her work in our office; whether that customer be a student, parent, colleague, faculty member or a lost visitor who happens to show up in our office,” said Prevost.


Nikki Bonnington, Budget Coordinator for the College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies (CHEPS), takes on many roles and tasks around campus. As a presenter of a summer training seminar for the administrators in CHEPS, she went out of her way to hold a second training lesson for those unable to attend the first one. According to Diana Shelburne, who provides administrative support in the Social Work Department, Bonnington’s willingness to help goes a long way. “She shows so much patience with our requests, and she always has time to walk us through a procedure. Recently, I had to go to her for a travel question that I didn’t understand. Right away she knew what needed to be done. I was clueless, but she discerned and led me through the process. This is just one example of the many times I have seen her in action,” said Shelburne.

November – December

Roland Sanders and Ruby Jordan, custodians in Holt Hall, work hard each day to keep the building’s hallways, bathrooms, and common areas clean for students and faculty. ‘They both always exchange pleasantries with us whenever we pass in the halls, and their upbeat demeanor and attitude really add to the friendly atmosphere in our building,” said Dr. Jennifer Boyd, Assistant Professor of Biological & Environmental Sciences. Sanders and Jordan were tasked with the most extensive duties in helping clean up a Holt Hall bathroom that had been vandalized, truly going the extra mile to provide a clean and functioning campus environment.  Along with Boyd, Dr. Kate Harrell, Dr. Hope Klug and Callie Montgomery nominated Sanders and Jordan.

Faculty and Staff Recognition: Winter 2013

Nesli Alp, UC Foundation Professor and Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs and Research, Engineering Management and Technology

Presented a paper entitled “The Need for Ergonomic Awareness Within the Workplace” at the 2012 International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM), Virginia Beach, Virginia on October 17-20, 2012.  Paper published in proceedings.

Served as a Reviewer for the 2012 International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) Proceedings, Virginia Beach, Virginia on October 17-20, 2012.

Served as a Reviewer for the Associated Schools of Construction 49th Annual International Conference Proceedings on April 9-13, 2013 at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California.

Submitted a paper called “Integrated Project Development as Applied to Public Projects” to the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology on July 28 – August 1, 2013 in San Jose, California.

Deborah Elwell Arfken, Director and Professor, University Planning; Political Science, Public Administration and Nonprofit Management

Presented with co-author Dr. Susan Ritz a paper entitled “Engaged with Carnegie:  Effects of Carnegie Classification Recognition on CUMU Universities” at the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chattanooga, TN, October 15, 2012.

Nicole Brown, Coordinator, Office of Equity and Diversity

Miss Black Tennessee USA Sarah J. Woodson-Early Award, December 2012

Leadership Chattanooga Graduate; Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, May 2012

Horace J. Traylor Diversity Leadership Award; UTC, April 2012

2012 Girls Summit Dedicated Service Acknowledgment; Deltas Serving Together, Inc., April 2012

Steven Cox, Professor, Head of Special Collections and University Archives, Lupton Library

Presentation, “A View from the Inside: The Political Photographs of John H. Rous, Associated Press Photographer, 1941-1972″ at the Society of Tennessee Archivists’ Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN, October 16, 2012.

Presented Paper:  ”Emma Bell Miles: Southern Appalachia’s Woman Naturalist” at the Women of Appalachia Conference, Zanesville, Ohio, University of Ohio- Zanesville, October 19, 2012.

Presented Paper:  ”Emma Bell Miles in Miami:  A Southern Appalachian Writer Far from Home” at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina, November 11, 2012.

Accepted for Publication:  ”The Journals of Emma Bell Miles,” edited by Steven Cox, by the Ohio University Press.

Melanie Dunn, Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Lupton Library

Published (2012) “Wikis: The Perfect Platform for Library Policies and Procedures” in The Southeastern Librarian, 60:3, 3-7.

Published (2012) “When Time Away Isn’t Time Lost” in LIScareer.

Presented poster session “Buy not Borrow: A Bonus for All” at the Southeastern Library Conference, Oct. 4, 2012.

Jennifer T. Ellis, Assistant Professor, Education

Accepted Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:
Ellis, J.T. (accepted).  Assessing the Development of Chemistry Students’ Conceptual and Visual Understanding of Dimensional Analysis via Supplemental use of Web-Based Software.  Journal of Chemical Education.

Ellis, J. T., Arnone, M.P., & Cogburn, D.L. (accepted). Accessible Cyberlearning in Practice. Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities.

Book Chapter:
Arnone, M. P., Ellis, J.T. & Cogburn, D. L. (accepted). A Blended Instructional Design Approach to Cyberlearning That Supports Persons with Disabilities. In Hamlin, M., Handbook of Design in Educational Technology (29). New York: Routledge.

Conference Presentations:
Ellis, J. (2012) Integrating iPad Apps to Address National Educational Technology Standards for Student and Teachers.
Tennessee Educational Technology Conference (TETC). November 28 â•„ 30, 2012, Nashville, Tennessee.

Ingraham, L., Ellis, J., & Terry, K. (2012) Using writing to learn science.  Tennessee Science Teachers Association Conference.  November 1-3, 2012, Murfreesboro, TN.

Ellis, J. & Cogburn, D. (2012) Accessible cyberlearning. Blackboard World 2012 Conference. July 9-11, 2012, New Orleans, LA.

Cuilan Gao, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Published two journal articles:

“Empirical Baysesian Selection of hypothesis Testing procedures for Analyisis of Sequence Count Expression Data” (with S. Pounds and H.Zhang), Staistical Application in Genetics and Molecular Biology 11, No. 5 (2012)

“Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infectious in US Pediatric hematology-Oncology Inpatients-Lesson Learned, Challenges Ahead” (with A.H. Gaur, D. G. Bundy) Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, in press (2012).

Tammy Garland, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Presented a paper entitled “Gender Politics and The Walking Dead: Women as Living Zombies and the Men who “Kill Them” at the International Crime, Media, & Popular Culture Studies Conference

Had a paper entitled “An exploration of policies governing faculty-to-student consensual sexual relationship on university campuses: Current strategies and future directions” accepted for publication in Journal of College Student Development

Served as a reviewer for Feminist Criminology, International Journal of Drug Policy, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Violence and Victims

Served as a program reviewer for University of Arkansas-Ft. Smith.

Zibin Guo, UC Foundation Professor, Medical Anthropology

Published “Thirteen Postures of Wheelchair Taijiquan (Tai Chi): Wheelchair Use as
An Instrument of Empowerment” Journal of Technology and Innovation – Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors.  13(4): Pp. 267-279.

Invited by Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Mayo Clinic,  presented a lecture at Mayo Clinic Rochester Mn on Dec. 3.  The presentation, entitled “Wheelchair Tai Chi Chuan – transforming an assistive device to a tool of empowerment and normalization”, discusses the way that the development of wheelchair Tai Chi Chuan challenges the perceptions about physical and psychological spaces and limitation, the meaning and contextualness of the concepts of “able” and “disable” bodies.

Colleen S. Harris, Assistant Professor & Head of Access Services, Lupton Library

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize in December 2012 for her prizewinning flash fiction piece “The Patron Saint of Easy Girls,” published by Grey Sparrow Press.

Presented a paper entitled “Mythology as curricular crossroads: The intersection of constructivist theory, Women’s Studies, Creative Writing, and student research skill development” at the Myth & Interdisciplinarity International Conference, Madrid, Spain, October 2012.

Co-designed with R. I. Vance the 3 hour pre-conference workshop “DIY training: Needs analysis, open source solutions, & program evaluation” for the annual Internet Librarian conference, Monterey, CA, October 2012.

Published the paper “Library (r)evolution: Organizational change and library effectiveness” In F. Baudino, C. J. Ury, and S. G. Park (Eds.) Brick & Click Libraries: Proceedings of an Academic Library Symposium. Maryville, MO: Northwest Missouri State University, 2012.

Presented two papers at the 4th annual Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference, Limerick, Ireland: “MLS without a map? A call for a mixed-methods approach to studying academic library leadership” and “Impact of unfinished business: The Zeigarnik effect, organizational effectiveness, and academic library management practices.”

Gregory W. Heath, Guerry Professor, Health and Human Performance

Books and Book Chapters 2012:

Dishman RK, Heath GW, Lee IM.  Physical Activity Epidemiology, 2nd edition, Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL, 2013.

Heath GW.  Obesity and health: Implications of public policy. In Obesity: Prevention and Treatment.  Rippe JM and Angelopoulos TJ (eds.) CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton, 2012, pp. 211-226.

Peer-reviewed publications:

Heath GW, Troped PJ.  The role of the built environment in shaping the health behaviors of physical activity and healthy eating for cardiovascular health.  Future Cardiology 2012; 8(5):677-9.

Heath GW, Parra DC, Sarmiento OL, Andersen LB, Owen N, Goenka S, Montes F, Brownson RC.  Evidence-based intervention in physical activity: lessons from around the world.  Lancet 2012; 380:272-81.

Hallal PC, Bauman AE, Heath GW, Kohl HW 3rd, Lee IM, Pratt M.  Physical activity: more of the same is not enough.  Lancet 2012; 380: 190-191.

Lee I-M, Shiroma EJ, Lobelo F, Puska P, Blair SN, Katzmarzyk PT, for the Lancet Physical Activity Series Working Group. Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide: an analysis of burden of disease and life expectancy. Lancet 2012;380: 219-229.

Hallal PC, Andersen LB, Bull FC, Guthold R, Haskell W, Ekelund U, for the Lancet Physical Activity Series Working Group. Global physical activity levels: surveillance progress, pitfalls, and prospects. Lancet 2012; 247-257.

Bauman AE, Reis RS, Sallis JF, Wells J, Loos RJF, Martin BW, for the Lancet Physical Activity Series Working Group. Correlates of physical activity: why are some people physically active and others not? Lancet 2012; 258-271.

Pratt M, Sarmiento OL, Montes F, et al, for the Lancet Physical Activity Series Working Group. The implications of megatrends in information and communication technology and transportation for changes in global physical activity. Lancet 2012; 282-293.

Kohl HW 3rd, Armstrong T, Craig CL, et al. The pandemic of physical inactivity: global action for public health. Lancet 2012; 294-305.

Fesmire FM, Martin EJ, Cao Y, Heath GW. Improving risk stratification in chest pain patients: The Erlanger HEARTS3 score.  Am J Emerg Med  May 23, 2012 (Epub ahead of print).

Grants and Contracts:

Principal investigator:  Acceptability and Usability of the Exercise is Medicineâ≥¢ Health-care Provider and Health Fitness Professional Action Guides:  American College of Sports Medicine Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  January 1, 2012- June 30, 2013.

Co-Principal Investigator:  Improving Metabolic Health among Chattanooga’s Children and Adolescents: Translating Active Living and Healthy Eating from Clinic to Neighborhood.  Center for Physical Activity and Health in Youth, Middle Tennessee State University.  Sub-award through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Period: July 1 2011- December, 2012.

Christopher Horne, UC Foundation Associate Professor of Public Administration, Political Science, Public Administration, and Nonprofit Management

Published “A grounded model for more accurate and useful evaluation of contracted social services,” Journal for Nonprofit Management, 15(1), 40-49.


Debbie Ingram, UC Foundation Professor, Physical Therapy

Delivered the keynote address at the Tennessee Physical Therapy Association Fall Meeting with Dr. Randy Walker.  The topic was a review of the physical therapy disciplinary offenses and actions.

Published “Physical therapy clinic directors’ perspective on physical therapist attire” in the Physical Therapy Journal of  Policy & Administration.

Re-appointed Chairperson of the Crisis Services Committee of the Partnership of Families, Children, and Adults

Appointed to the Awards and Graduate Scholarship Committees for the Southern Conference.

William R. Lee, Professor, Music

Inductee. 2012 Tennessee Music Education Hall of Fame for work in music teaching and learning maintained by the 1,500-member Tennessee Music Education Association

Nominated for National Association for Music Education (NAfM), Music Education Research Council (MERC),Senior Researcher Award, 2012.

Author of chapter, “North American School Ensembles” Oxford Handbook of Music Education, general eds. Gary E. McPherson and Graham Welch. London and New York: Oxford University Press, in press.

Commissioned author of fifteen articles for the New Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd ed. [The leading reference work on music in the English language]. Charles Hiroshi Garrett, Editor-in-Chief. (New York: Oxford University Press), in press.

First author, with Humphreys, Jere; and Spurgeon, Alan. “The Chattanooga Symposium on the History of Music Education, June 2-4, 2011” Journal of Historical Research in Music Education. In press. (April 2013). Refereed journal.

Author, “Reflections on Oral History and Quanto-History: The Larger Context,” Journal of Historical Research in Music Education. In press. (April 2013). Refereed journal.

Presenter. “Reflections on Oral History and Quanto-History: The Larger Context,” History Research Special Interest Group Panel, Biennial Conference, National Association for Music Education Conference, March 29, 2012, St. Louis, Missouri.

Organizer and Presenter, “The State of Research in the History of Music Education” Session: TMEA Spoken Research Report Presentation. Tennessee Music Education Association 2012 State Music Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Convention Center, 1:00 P.M., Thursday, April 12, 2012.

Organizer “TMEA Research Poster Session,” Tennessee Music Education Association 2012 State Music Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Convention Center, 2:00 P.M., Thursday, April 12, 2012.

Appointed Member, Symposium Planning Committee, St. Augustine Symposium on the History of Music Education. MENC History Special Research Interest Group and Flagler College, planned May 28-31, 2014.

Appointed Head, Review Committee, St. Augustine Symposium on the History of Music Education. MENC History Special Research Interest Group and Flagler College, Florida, scheduled May 28-31, 2014.

Ongoing Member, Editorial Board, Journal of the Historical Research in Music Education, 2012.

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of the Historical Research in Music Education, 2012.

David Levine, Professor, Physical Therapy

Published a new textbook on Gait Analysis: Levine D, Richards J (eds).  Whittle’s Introduction to Gait Analysis (5th ed), Elsevier, Oxford.  2012.

Presented:  Physical therapy clinic therapeutic ultrasound equipment as a source for bacterial contamination. Spratt, H.G., Jr., D. Levine, and L. Tillman. Abstracts of Ann. meeting, Assoc. SE Biologists, Athens, GA (Southeastern Biology 59:300), 2012

Was Scientific Chair for the 7th International Symposium on Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in Veterinary Medicine, August 2012 (University of Vienna)

Jonathan McNair, UC Foundation Professor, Music

Premiere of “A Map of Memory” for tenor saxophone and piano, Sept. 13, 2012, UTC.

Premiere of “Like a Breath in a Bubble, Spinning,” for tenor voice and percussion, Oct. 7, 2012, UTC. This set of six songs includes poetry by Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell, William Butler Yeats, and D. H. Lawrence, with original music.

Premiere of “Dance!” for oboe, violin, cello, piano, Oct. 7, 2012, UTC.

Performance of “Like a Breath in a Bubble, Spinning,” for tenor voice and percussion, Oct. 9, 2012, Georgia State University, Atlanta.

Coordinate and present the event “60 x 60,” a one-hour concert of music and artist-produced video, Roland Hayes Hall, UTC, January 28, 2013.

Performance of “The Gathering,” for flute/alto flute, oboe, and clarinet/bass clarinet; Feb. 13-16, 2013, at the Society of Composers National Conference, The Ohio State University.

Performance of “Like a Breath in a Bubble, Spinning,” for tenor voice and percussion, Feb. 28 â•„ March 2, College Music Society Southern Chapter Conference, Clayton State University, Atlanta.

Performance of “The Gathering,” for flute/alto flute, oboe, and clarinet/bass clarinet, at the Southeastern Composers League Forum, Morehead State University, March 1-2, 2013.

Coordinate and adjudicate the 2013 Salop-Slates Competitions for student composers, sponsored by the Southeastern Composers League.

Susan F. Ritz, Assistant Director of Strategic Planning for Assessment, University Planning

Presented with co-author Dr. Deborah Elwell Arfken a paper entitled “Engaged with Carnegie:  Effects of Carnegie Classification Recognition on CUMU Universities” at the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chattanooga, TN, October 15, 2012.

Participated in National Training Workshop for the Critical Thinking Assessment Test, Washington, D.C., November 2012.

Aaron Shaheen, UC Foundation Associate Professor, English

Presented “In the Shadow of the Epic Tradition: Teaching John Dos Passos’s One Man’s Initiaion and 1919″ at the 2012 American Literature Association annual conference in San Francisco, CA.

Along with former UTC graduate student Victoria Bryan, founded the John Dos Passos Society, which received official status with the American Literature Association.

Was appointed to a three-year term on the University of Tennessee Press’s Board of Editors.

Charlene Simmons, UC Foundation Associate Professor, Communication

Photo published in Marco Di Domenico, I Piu Grandi!. Liscianigiochi s.r.l: Teramo, Italy

Photo published in the December 2012 issue of Connect.

Photos published in December 2012 – January 2013 issue of Catoosa Life Magazine.

Joanie Sompayrac, UC Foundation Professor, Accounting

Published an article entitled, “Accounting Firm Management: What To Do When Andy Accountant Becomes Andrea Accountant” in the International Journal of Business and Social Research, co-authored with Susannah Taylor, Dr. Lisa Burke, and Dr. Kathleen Wheatley in Vol. 2, No. 6, pgs. 154-161, December, 2012.

Published an article entitled “Addressing Tax Issues That Can Arise in Even the Most Amicable Divorces,” Practical Tax Strategies, co-authored with Caitlin in  November/December 2012.

Served on a panel at the National Collegiate Honors Council National Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, November 14-18, 2012.

James A. Tucker, McKee Chair of Excellence, College of Health. Education, and Professional Services

Appointed to the Editorial Board of Preventing School Failure a peer-reviewed journal published by Heldref Publications.

Tucker, J.A. (2012). Editorial: Diagnosis diagnosed.  Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry. 14(2), 83-86.

Tucker, J. A., Schaerer, J., & Hardy, C.  (2012).  Community partnerships in education: The Talent Dividend Initiative.  Presentation at the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metro Universities, Chattanooga, TN.  October 16.

Tucker, J. A. (2012).  Designing a form of learning: Origins and applications of incremental rehearsal.  Presentation at the 6th International Microlearning Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, July 10, 2012

Bruck, P. A., Baumgartner, P., Tucker, J. A., Roth, M. A., Rao, M.  (2012). Designing MicroLearning experiences.  Roundtable Panel discussion at the 6th International Microlearning Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, July 10, 2012.

Talia Welsh, UC Foundation Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion

Published “The Order of Life: How Phenomenologies of Pregnancy Revise and Reject Theories of the Subject.” In Coming to Life: Philosophies of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Mothering. Ed. Sarah LaChance Adams & Caroline R. Lundquist (Fordham University Press, 2012) pp. 283-299.

Published “Merleau-Ponty on Cultural Schemas and Childhood Drawing”
In Critical Communities and Aesthetic Practices. Eds. Francis Halsall, Julia Jansen, and Sinead Murphy. (Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, 2012.) pp. 37-48.

Presented conference paper “Violating the Good Health Imperative: The Ethics of Altering Bodies by Modifying Bad Health Habits” At Theorizing the Body, Embodiment and Body-Practices:  CSWIP. Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada. October 26-28, 2012.

Lane Wilkinson, UC Foundation Assistant Professor, LuptonLibrary

Published a book chapter entitled “Transliteracy and Teaching What They Know” in Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0, edited by Peter Godwin and Jo Parker. London: Facet Publishing, 2012. pp. 163-170.

Invited by the Texas Library Association to present “Libraries and the Future of Transliteracy” at the TLA Annual Conference. Houston, TX. April 20, 2012.

Keynote address entitled “Instruction beyond the Library.” Minnesota Library Association, ARLD Day. Chaska, MN. April 27, 2012.

Invited by the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics to present “It’s not just Privacy, Porn, and Pipe-bombs: Libraries and the Ethics of Service.” Urbana, IL. October 12, 2012.

Yuping Ying, Assessment Coordinator, School of Education


Smith, Jr., E.V., Ying, Y, and Brown, S.W. (2012). Using the Mixed Rasch Model to Analyze Data from the Beliefs and Attitudes About Memory Survey. Journal of applied measurement, 2012; 13(1): 23-40

Revised UT Code of Conduct

The University of Tennessee is committed to facilitating a workplace culture that promotes responsible and ethical behavior. A new code of conduct, applicable to University of Tennessee employees, has been revised:

  • To better facilitate a UT workplace culture that promotes responsible and ethical behavior
  • To better facilitate University compliance with standards established by federal guidelines

The code does not replace existing University policies but supplements and clarifies procedures and rules in areas such as respecting others, reporting violations and avoiding conflicts of interest.

To learn more about the code, please visit

To view HRO 580 Code of Conduct, please visit University Policies

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