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Streaming Video Trial!

UTC Library has a trial of 60 Minutes streaming video through December 11! 60 Minutes was launched in 1968 and is the number one news program on network television. Go to 60 Minutes Trial Collection includes 350 hours of in depth segments from 1997-2014 on a variety of subjects such as: play icon Play Now Cyber Security: Darpa Dan produced by Shachar Bar-On, fl. 2007-2016, Columbia Broadcasting System; interview

Springer Briefs

UTC Library provides electronic access to Springer Briefs, a collection of over 2,200 unique pieces of research covering a variety of subject areas. These titles will be especially useful for researchers in engineering, business, and the sciences. Each piece of research falls between 50 to 125 pages, allowing authors to present a more in-depth treatment of their research than would be possible in a journal article. Included in this

eResources for Native American Heritage Month

Since 1990, the U.S. government has designated November as Native American Heritage Month. This has allowed federal, state, and local government agencies as well as other cultural institutions throughout our nation to educate and share in the rich historical and cultural traditions of peoples native to our land. Here at the UTC Library, we would like to pass along to our patrons many of the resources we have available

New 2016 Springer eBooks!

UTC Library has recently added over 7,000 titles from 2016 to its Springer eBook offerings. These eBooks will surely interest those in the science, engineering, and medical fields, just to name a few. Access SpringerLink eBooks Springer titles feature everything from “3D Printed Science Projects,” a guide to educating students of all ages with the help of 3D printed models to “China’s New Urbanization,” which provides an in-depth look at

eResources for National Bullying Prevention Month

This October marks the 10th anniversary of National Bullying Prevention Month, a campaign instituted by the PACER Center to bring communities together to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention. While the PACER Center focuses on the needs of children and youths, bullying is a social issue that plagues many age groups and social settings in our world. Many of UTC Library’s online resources can assist with research on