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10 Questions with Carolyn Runyon

Meet Carolyn Runyon, the Digital Archivist. She comes to us from the American University in Cairo where she worked on a participatory archives project aimed at documenting the January 25 Revolution. Carolyn hangs out in Special Collections & University Archives and works on building up our library of digital content. We’re glad to have her aboard. Onward with the 10 questions: 1. Describe Chattanooga as though you were speaking

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Choose Privacy Week: May 1-7

            Public profiles, web browsing results and advertisements tailored to you based on email content and other browsing histories, check-ins, public wi-fi, location-based services, billions upon billions upon billions of pictures and videos, public records … yeah … thinking about privacy in the digital age can be overwhelming, scary, and really, really interesting. Since libraries hold stake in privacy issues, it’s no surprise that

Haiku Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Haiku Contest! Admittedly, we grew a little concerned as entries became increasingly dark toward the end of the term, but we enjoyed the mix of humor, beauty, agony, and finals-induced nonsense. Congratulations to Paige Broussard, our judges’ pick for best haiku: fallen white petals dance in cyclones underfoot. ghosts of the winter. Honorable Mentions: Sleep, a sweet repose To forego sleep, a

Book vs. Movie: Pooh Bear

There may come a time when you’re standing in the stacks, book in one hand, DVD in the other. What to do!?! Have no fear. It’s Book vs. Movie. Book: Winnie-the-Pooh (PR6025. I65 W56, 3rd Floor) Movie: Winnie the Pooh (PN1997 .W564, 1st Floor) Seriously late nights? Brain scrambled from studying? News getting you down? These are Winnie-the-Pooh moments (or more likely Eeyore moments, but he’s not the title

Librarian Scholarship: Not a Myth (The Sequel)

It’s a little known fact that librarians never sleep. If we aren’t otherwise erecting a new building, teaching classes, ordering new materials, serving as liaisons to academic departments, implementing a new online catalog, serving on committees (library, university, local, regional, national), putting out information fires on a daily basis, forging new partnerships, or just having some fun…we’re also engaged in the dialogue with the larger discussion of the library