Welcome Back Class of 1966!

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Library welcomes all alumni back for homecoming season 2016. We encourage you to reminisce about your college days by checking out the full run of Moccasin yearbooks and University Echo student newspaper in our Digital Collections. Alternatively, stop by the Special Collections reading room in room 439 of the Library to view print copies of these and other historical UTC materials.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the University of Chattanooga class of 1966, here are a few of the highlights from the 1965-1966 school year:

(1) The last minute 15-14 win against the previously undefeated Xavier Muskies for the homecoming game of 1965. The class of 1966 can take pride in being one of the final cohorts to witness the legendary coaching of A.C. “Scrappy Moore,” who retired in 1967.

A homecoming game to remember!

A homecoming game to remember!

Football Coach A.C. "Scrappy" Moore with Captain Larry Elmore

Football Coach A.C. “Scrappy” Moore with Captain Larry Elmore

(2) Big homecoming decoration contest wins by Pi Beta Phi and Lambda Chi Alpha and the election of Sandra Prewitt Powers as Homecoming Queen.

Homecoming decoration contest winners.

Homecoming decoration contest winners.

Homecoming Queen Sandra Prewitt Powers.

Homecoming Queen Sandra Prewitt Powers.

(3) The opening and dedication of Maclellan Gymnasium at the beginning of the 1965-1966 school year. This facility, still in use today, ushered in a new era for University athletics, especially for wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, and basketball.

Mclellan Gymnasium

Mclellan Gymnasium

Be sure to cheer on the Mocs for this year’s homecoming game against the Mercer University Bears at Finley Stadium on October 8!

New 2005-2015 Palgrave eBooks!

The UTC Library now has over 12,000 eBook titles available online from Palgrave Macmillan. Spanning 2005-2015, these publications provide up-to-date research for a variety of academic subjects, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Our Palgrave eBook collection may have just the book you’re looking for!

Access Palgrave eBooks via SpringerLink

Subject areas covered include:

  • Business and Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • Education
  • History
  • International Relations and Development
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Media and Culture
  • Political Science
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Theatre and Perforamnce

Creative types may find “From Fairy Tale to Film Screenplay” an interesting examination of the structure of classical fairy tales.

Business researchers may look at “Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure and Business Development” for the most recent information regarding public policy design and implementation.

This collection also includes research on video games with titles like ‘Video Games and Storytelling” and “Video Game Narrative and Criticism: Playing the Story”.

All of the Palgrave eBooks are available through Springer Link, which allows users to download eBooks and chapters as well as search for other titles by topic.

Interesting titles:

From Fairy Tale to Film Screenplay by Terence Patrick Murphy

This book offers a detailed exploration of the plot genotype, the functional structure behind the plots of classical fairy tales. By understanding how plot genotypes are used, the reader or creative writer will obtain a much better understanding of many other types of fiction, including short stories, dramatic texts and Hollywood screenplays.

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Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure and Business Development by Stefano Caselli, Guido Corbetta, and Veronica Vecchi

Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure and Business Funding is ideal for scholars and practitioners who work in the field of public policy design and implementation, finance and banking, and economic development.

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Video Games and Storytelling by Souvik Mukherjee

The potential of video games as storytelling media and the deep involvement that players feel when they are part of the story needs to be analysed vis-à-vis other narrative media. This book underscores the importance of video games as narratives and offers a framework for analysing the many-ended stories that often redefine real and virtual lives.
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Video Game Narrative and Criticism: Playing the Story by Tamer Thabet

The book provides a comprehensive application of narrative theory to video games, and presents the player-response paradigm of game criticism. Video Game Narrative and Criticism explains the nature of gameplay – a psychological experience and a meaning-making process in the fictional world of video games.
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Radicals and Reactionaries in Twentieth-Century International Thought by Ian Hall

The history of international thought is a flourishing field, but it has tended to focus on Anglo-American realist and liberal thinkers. This book moves beyond the Anglosphere and beyond realism and liberalism. It analyses the work of thinkers from continental Europe and Asia with radical and reactionary agendas quite different from the mainstream.
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Postfeminism and the Fatale Figure in Neo-Noir Cinema by Samantha Lindop

This book is a thought-provoking study that expands on film scholarship on noir and feminist scholarship on postfeminism, subjectivity, and representation to provide an inclusive, sophisticated, and up-to-date analysis of the femme fatale , fille fatale , and homme fatal from the classic era through to recent postmillennial neo-noir .
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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Duke University Press ebooks and ejournals!

From September 15th to October 15th, the United States celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to honor, celebrate, and appreciate the history and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans, as well as recognize their contributions to our society. September 15th has special significance for some Latino Americans, as it coincides with the independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. To kick off this year’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, the UTC Library has selected e-resources from its Duke University Press that accentuate some of the unique political, economic, and cultural issues within these five countries. Take a look at the summaries below.

The Hispanic American Historical Review

The Hispanic American Historical Review examines Latin American history and culture in the United States and remains the most widely respected journal in the field. HAHR‘s comprehensive book review section provides commentary, ranging from brief notices to review essays, on every facet of scholarship on Latin American history and culture.

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From Popular Medicine to Medical Populism

The book From Popular Medicine to Medical Populism: Doctors, Healers, and Public Power in Costa Rica, 1800-1940 by Steven Palmer traces the history of the medical profession in Costa Rica throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. As Costa Rica grew as a nation, a more professionalized health care system emerged within a culture that used religious and magical beliefs in their medical practices. This work is sure to pique the interest of both historians and those interested in the medical profession.

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To Rise in Darkness

To Rise in Darkness: Revolution, Repression, and Memory in El Salvador, 1920-1932 by Jeffrey L. Gould and Aldo A. Lauria-Santiago documents La Matanza, a major event in Salvadoran history. In 1932, rural laborers took control of several towns throughout the country in response to voter fraud and the inability to strike, leading to massacre of thousands of indigenous workers. This work focuses on the political and economic climate that led up to this often overlooked event that still resonates with Salvadoran people today.

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The Mayan in the Mall

The Mayan in the Mall: Globalization, Development, and the Making of Modern Guatemala by J.T. Way looks at the history of economic development projects in 20th century Guatemala. This book highlights the contrast between the extreme wealth and extreme poverty present in Guatemala and the way that social life and the physical landscape have been altered due to capitalist development.

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From the Revolution to the Maquiladoras

From the Revolution to the Maquiladoras: Gender, Labor, and Globalization in Nicaragua (Duke) showcases “María Elena Cuadra,” the Nicaraguan Working and Unemployed Women’s Movement, in its effort to organize and advocate on behalf of female factory workers. This book looks at the organization of the group as well as its cultural elements in the context of being a transnational group, connecting with other feminist and labor groups around the world.

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ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection

UTC Library is happy to announce its new subscription to the ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection! This database contains over 2,400 full-text journals covering all facets of social sciences. Whether you are looking for resources regarding criminal justice, sociology, education, or political science, the ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection is sure to be a helpful tool for your research!

In addition, Social Science Premium includes more than 24,000 full-text dissertations in criminology, education, political science, and sociology.

One major advantage of this database is its comprehensive coverage across many disciplines. International Studies researchers can take advantage of titles like Journal of International Relations and Development. Sociology students can look through the Journal of Health and Social Behavior or Sociological Viewpoints. Explore more broadly with Human Affairs. Because of its large holdings, this database is perfect for those conducting interdisciplinary research. ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection also contains many titles published outside of the United States, giving researchers a global perspective on their topics!

With all of these resources at your disposal, ProQuest makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for through its easy-to-navigate interface! Using the database’s “Basic Search” feature will scour ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection’s holdings and provide a good overview of what materials are available. An “Advanced Search” can help narrow your search by a specific document type or publication.

Whether you are just starting your research,or looking for something specific, ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection will surely help you find just what you are looking for!

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The UTC College of Business and Library are proud to announce the addition of IBISWorld to our database offerings!

UTC Library at night

IBISWorld provides valuable domestic and global industry market and procurement research from economic, demographic, and government sources.

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Our subscription includes:

  • Global Global Industry Reports
  • United States Industry Reports (NAICS)
  • United States Industry iExpert Summaries
  • United States Specialized Industry Reports
  • United States Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries
  • United States Risk Ratings Reports
  • United States Business Environment Profiles