By Caitlin Peabody

Sunset from the Reichstag

Sunset from the Reichstag

We left our lovely hotel in Krakow around 8:30 this morning and made our way to the airport. Most of the day was spent traveling, getting our public transportation passes, and checking into our hostel. At around 4:30 pm we went for an early dinner since we hadn’t officially had lunch and then, after we had some amazing Turkish food from around the corner, we made our way to the Reichstag. We spent a good two hours at the Reichstag doing the walking tour up the ramps in the dome. In the dome we were able to get a 360 degree view of Berlin. It was a fun tour and we were able to see all the major places we will be visiting later on. If I’m being completely honest so far I am not too fond of Berlin. I enjoyed Krakow and the small town feel. Berlin is a huge city with a lot of people, but the history is rich and I will enjoy visiting certain places.


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