If you are unable to find an open seat in a required course for fall 2014, make a request via the Center for Advisement and Student Success online course request form.

Course Request Form →


Whether you are one semester away from graduation or an incoming freshman, the Center for Advisement and Student Success aims to be responsive to students’ needs. By providing this feedback, you will help to make adjustments to the schedule both now and in the future.


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  1. Leticia Bautista says:

    I really need to get into Investments I this fall in order to take Investments II in the spring and be able to graduate in time.

  2. Jesse Hunter says:

    Hello! I am trying to be placed in a later spanish class. I was originally placed in an 8am spanish class, but spanish wasn’t my greatest class in high school and 8am isn’t when I’m the most awake. So If you could place me in a Spanish 1 class after my last class at 11:50am I will be grateful. My major requires me to take 4 foreign language classes and I would love to stick with spanish.

  3. This news release may have been a bit unclear. To request course changes, please follow the link to the CASS Course Request Form, and submit the required information.