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Blog by UTC students: Holocaust study tour

UTC students in Dr. John Swanson’s history course, The Holocaust: Perpetrators, Victims, and Bystanders, are taking a different kind of spring break—a Holocaust study tour in Poland and Germany. Read the first blog posts by two students on the trip, Michael Lawrence and Caitlin Peabody.

Eerie and humbling experience at Auschwitz-Birkenau

By Michael Lawrence Today was a huge change of pace. We focused solely on Auschwitz-Birkenau. We woke up and drove about 60 km away to the town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz). We started our tour at Auschwitz I, which has been converted to a museum. I didn’t feel anything too weird when we arrived walking under the gate declaring “Arbeit Macht Frei!”, but when we went into the barracks or

Nerves, emotions and disbelief at Auschwitz-Birkenau

By Caitlin Peabody We left the hotel around 9:30 this morning and boarded a bus for the hour long ride to Auschwitz. Tomasz joined us in the morning and spent the day with us, sharing his knowledge and his insights of the camp. Upon arrival, I was nervous. As I was growing up and I became more and more interested in Holocaust/WWII studies, all I wanted to do was

Kazimierz, the Jewish District, Plaszow camp and the Schindler factory

By Caitlin Peabody Sunday was a very, very long day with a lot of walking, but I enjoyed every bit of it. We started on a tour of Kazimierz, named after one of the great Polish kings, which used to be a completely separate town in medieval Poland. After Kazimierz we made our way to the Jewish District and visited one of the oldest synagogues in Poland. The cemetery

Modern museum depicts medieval life

By Caitlin Peabody On Saturday we went on our first tour of Krakow with our wonderful tour guide Tomasz. The rich history of this place is astounding and I absorbed every bit of information that Tomasz was telling us. We made our way to the main market square and went to the Rynek Underground museum. This is a newer museum that depicts what life was like in medieval Poland.