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Cracow’s Jewish district, Ghetto, concentration camp and Schindler’s factory

By Michael Lawrence Today we toured Kazimierz (the Jewish district) and saw a lot of spots where the Jewish community were initially rounded up to be sent to the Cracow Ghetto during the invasion of Poland. We saw many spots where the filming of Schindler’s List took place. This really was an eye opening thing to see where the actual filming and events took place. Later we toured the

Touring medieval Cracow

By Michael Lawrence Today was an interesting day. We toured the Rynek Underground and learned a lot about medieval Cracow, Poland. Our tour guide Tomasz was very informative.  After that we saw the University in downtown Cracow and had some free time to walk around. We explored Wawel Castle and ate some of the local food in Cracow.  We ate American pizza. The Polish people seem a little standoffish

The long flight to Poland

By Caitlin Peabody When we left Chattanooga last Thursday, I don’t think the group was fully prepared for what the next 24 hours would hold. We made our way to the Atlanta airport around 12:30 p.m., with our flight leaving around 5 pm. Our flight would be connecting in Frankfurt, Germany for a 4 hour layover. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean when it’s pitch black outside was probably one