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Sports injuries: national forum at UTC addresses student athletes’ health and welfare

In an effort to put a national spotlight on student athlete health and safety, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga hosted a “Sports Injury Epidemic” conference to address specific administrative recommendations that ensure the effectiveness of sports medicine programs in school settings. These guidelines will help to reduce the occurrence of acute, chronic or catastrophic injury, ensure a clear chain of command, and guide the selection and evaluation of the sports medicine team. School accountability and the vital role of parent advocacy efforts were also addressed by a national panel of speakers.

2014-15 FYRE book selected

The Postmortal by Drew Magary has been chosen by the First Year Reading Experience (FYRE) committee as the FYRE book for 2014-2015. FYRE introduces students to the academic and intellectual culture of university life. It nurtures the belief that reading is an integral part of the university experience.

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Chelsea Sokol wins North Callahan prize

Chelsea Sokol wrote “Sylvia Plath’s Master Narrative: Developing her Poetic Voice” to win the North Callahan Essay Award for 2014. She is a double major in English Literature and French.

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North Callahan Winning Essay 2014– Chelsea Sokol

   “Sylvia Plath’s Master Narrative: Developing her Poetic Voice” Chelsea Sokol ; (901) 831-7655 Seminar in a Major Figure: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes 11 February 2014 North Callahan Essay Prize Submission      Undeniably, Sylvia Plath’s final book of poetry entitled Ariel, including the post-Ariel poems added to the work by her husband Ted Hughes, marks her as a brilliant modern poet.  However, while this late poetry

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End of the spring 2014 semester wrap-up

Spring semester is nearly a wrap! The last day of classes is Monday, April 21, and Reading Day is Tuesday, April 22.

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