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University hosts first community service fair

Representatives from more than 30 community organizations attended UTC’s first community service fair, introducing students to volunteering opportunities in the Chattanooga area.

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School of Nursing focuses on collaborative healthcare

While much of the nation argues about healthcare, the UTC School of Nursing (UTC SON) is making positive efforts to improve it with a collaborative, interprofessional environment, particularly in the delivery of care to older patients.

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UTC develops partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

UTC students will have the opportunity to live and work with the Eastern Band Cherokee in the Cherokee community May 5 – 23, 2014.

“In May 2013 we made an agreement, a tribal council resolution, with the Eastern Cherokee Band, recognizing a partnership between the Military Science Department at UTC and the Eastern Band for the purposes of scholarship, cultural exchange, and cultural consciousness,” says Major Robert Ricks.

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UTC Challenger STEM Learning Center featured in space travel discussion

In support of the world’s first commercial space flight in 2014, the UTC Challenger STEM Learning Center participated in a live Google Hangout streamed live around the world. The event was sponsored by the National Challenger Center Network, Virgin Galactic, and Galactic Unite.

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UTC launches series of learning lunches

It’s a common misconception that dyslexia is just reading words incorrectly, but according to Dr. James Herman of MTSU, the learning disability has deeper neurological roots. Herman was on campus to speak at a new series focused on community education, sponsored by the UTC McKee Chair of Excellence.

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