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Fall membership drive success for WUTC

Chattanooga’s source for National Public Radio is grateful to its listeners. WUTC-FM-88.1 completed its fall membership drive on Friday, October 11, with more than 125,000 pledged.

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WUTC offers news and music; fund drive begins September 30

Tune in to 88.1 FM and listen to a special mix of news, information, and music that can be heard on the radio or streamed live over your computer. WUTC is Chattanooga’s National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate, as well as an affiliate of Public Radio International (PRI), and American Public Media (APM)

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WUTC host announces national roller derby championships

Rabbit Zielke, feature news producer with WUTC, spends many of her weekends with ladies like Bipolar Bear, Shank Williams Jr., and Jenny Hate. These skaters are with the Chattanooga Roller Girls, and Zeilke is their announcer, as well as the announcer for four other local leagues. This year alone, Zeilke has called the action on forty-one roller derby games, known as bouts.

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Donations reach $140,000 for WUTC

WUTC FM-88.1 reached its spring membership drive and netted $140,000 dollars towards funding the radio station’s programming costs.  The public radio station licensed to The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is the region’s source for programming from National Public Radio, including awarding winning programs like “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.”

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Special programming December 25 on WUTC

Enjoy a special day of programming December 25th on WUTC-FM 88.1:

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