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Power Planting Day

On the afternoon of February 10th, Monika, Maggie, and the student growers planted the seedlings grown by Monika.  There are now an assortment of leafy, delicious plants suited for the cooler temperatures of February and early March.  Here is a list of all the delicious vegetables that we planted: Kale Kohlrabi Fennel Onions Lettuce Spinach Broccoli The vegetables will be harvested near the end of the semester and stay

Building the Beds!

The demonstration vegetable garden on UTC’s campus is composed of two raised beds, one of which is located in front of upper Lockmiller while the second is located behind the Stophel apartments of UTC Place.  The two beds were built with materials provided by the university, and two very enjoyable Friday afternoons were spent building them!  On January 27th, the Lockmiller bed was built first by the Monika, Maggie,

A Visit to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank!

The very first sustainability workshop on January 20th was a visit to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.   It was an incredibly informative afternoon which provided valuable insight for the campus raised bed garden.  The student growers, Monika, and Maggie were led by Jane Maudlin on a tour of the food bank and their community raised bed garden, the Evelyn Navarre Davenport Teaching Garden. It is a joint endeavor with the

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