The demonstration vegetable garden on UTC’s campus is composed of two raised beds, one of which is located in front of upper Lockmiller while the second is located behind the Stophel apartments of UTC Place.  The two beds were built with materials provided by the university, and two very enjoyable Friday afternoons were spent building them!  On January 27th, the Lockmiller bed was built first by the Monika, Maggie, and the student growers but it could not have been done without Bud Sisler from facilities and the Lockmiller maintenance men.  Constructing the bed was a lot of fun for everyone!  Here are some photos from the day, taken by UTC photographer, Jamie Davis.


The second bed near the Stophel apartments was built on the afternoon of February 3.  Like the first bed, it was a lot of fun and was even easier the second time around.  We also gained a new student grower, Spencer Connell, a friend of Robert and Anastasia.  After the bed was built, Monika and the student growers painted the bed as well.  These two beds provided the perfect foundation for our vegetable garden!











4 Comments » for Building the Beds!
  1. shan says:

    Creating a vegetable garden near the apartment is a good idea. Besides providing greenery it will give vegetables for the inmates of the apartments.
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  2. Albert@Home Inspection Huntsville Al says:

    It’s a great promotion for a greener environment. Vegetable beds are great ideas to build in every apartment and promote a healthy way of living.

  3. John says:

    Gardens near the apartment = green environment = green living = green lifestyle. Can be a source of food too, that’s nice.
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  4. Symmetrize Team says:

    Excellent idea of having a vegetable garden close to the apartment. A vegetable patch in your own backyard goes a long way.


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