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Summer Hours

Grab lunch on campus at Scrappy’s Place Food Court Buffet in the University Center through August 8th, Monday-Friday for $6, except on days there is freshman orientation.  View the freshman orientation schedule.  The full lunch buffet is offered 11a.m.-1p.m.  Save some money and purchase a discount meal card—you’ll get six meals for $30.  Cards are available at the register during lunch. UTC Student Health Services will be closed for

Join the Sick Leave Bank

Ann Mayer knows why it’s important to be a member of the Sick Leave Bank—it was there when she really needed it. Mayer joined the University 14 years ago. Her mentor at UTC strongly encouraged her to become a Sick Leave Bank member. During her UTC orientation, Mayer signed up for insurance and additional benefits, but neglected to sign up for the Sick Leave Bank. Her mentor reminded her