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UTC Police Department increases training to better protect campus

Our UTC Police Department has been actively engaged in training with the Chattanooga Police Department to more closely align the response tactics used for different types of crimes. “When we request the assistance of the Chattanooga Police Department, it is important for the employees in the UTC Police Department to be able to work collaboratively with the CPD,” said Deputy Chief of Police Craig Hamilton. Hamilton explains that the

Faculty and Staff Picnic

There’s a fun way to work off the tasty treats at the Faculty and Staff picnic planned for Friday, August 8th, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Maclellan Gym and Lansing Court. Horseshoes, cornhole, and ladderball are some of the games you can play! If you like to compete, this is your chance to earn the most points for your area—it doesn’t matter how many people you work with, there will

Summer Hours

Grab lunch on campus at Scrappy’s Place Food Court Buffet in the University Center through August 8th, Monday-Friday for $6, except on days there is freshman orientation.  View the freshman orientation schedule.  The full lunch buffet is offered 11a.m.-1p.m.  Save some money and purchase a discount meal card—you’ll get six meals for $30.  Cards are available at the register during lunch. UTC Student Health Services will be closed for

Join the Sick Leave Bank

Ann Mayer knows why it’s important to be a member of the Sick Leave Bank—it was there when she really needed it. Mayer joined the University 14 years ago. Her mentor at UTC strongly encouraged her to become a Sick Leave Bank member. During her UTC orientation, Mayer signed up for insurance and additional benefits, but neglected to sign up for the Sick Leave Bank. Her mentor reminded her