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Wikis in Blackboard

One of the new features I’m most excited about are course wikis. Here are a few quick thoughts. The good: Wikis are very easy to create, edit, and view changes Wikis can be implemented at the course or group level Wikis can be graded Multiple wikis or wiki pages can be linked together Comparisons between wiki page versions is excellent The bad: Wikis only exist within the course environment;

Blackboard Released Version 9.1

Just as UTC Online was to begin testing Blackboard 9.0, Blackboard released version 9.1 of its Blackboard Learn software. This version adds further new features such as wikis, Course Files (a way to manage content within a course), and mashups to Blackboard. Version 9.1 will be the version UTC Online plans to release in late 2010. Blackboard has developed some good online help documentation about Blackboard 9.x explaining the