Monthly Archives: April 2011

UTC Online Upgrade: Transition Information

In three weeks, UTC Online will transition to the new Blackboard version for our campus. All Summer 2011 classes will be hosted on the new version and are available at Faculty should note the following items: Access to the older Blackboard version will remain for faculty through September 2011. Content can be transferred to the new server by doing a course export on the older version ( and

UTC Online Upgrade: Blackboard Organizations

As part of the UTC Online transition to a new Blackboard version and server, Blackboard organizations are also impacted by this transition. Any current Blackboard organization wanting space on the new server must email a request from one of its organizational leaders to Leaders may request an immediate transfer, a transfer at the end of the spring semester, or creation of a new organizational space from which the

UTC Online Upgrade: Summer ’11 Classes & Enrollments

UTC Online is transitioning to a new Blackboard version and server beginning with Summer ’11 classes. These classes are available for development by faculty. Student enrollments from Banner are being updated hourly on the new UTC Online server, but students will not see their summer classes on UTC Online until faculty make their courses available. Login at the new server with your UTCID and password at Faculty are