UTC Online has transitioned to a new Blackboard version and server for Summer/Fall 2011 courses and Blackboard organizations. Fall classes and enrollments are now available for development to instructors on the new server. Students will not see their courses until their instructor makes the course available.

Classes on the Old Server.
Instructors and organizational leaders may access past courses (Spring 2011 and earlier) or organization content from the old Blackboard server until September 15, 2011. Access to the old server must be done directly by logging in at bb3.utc.edu. Instructors are encouraged to create both an export file and an archive file of their classes from the old server and save these files locally to their computer. After September 15, there will be no way to retrieve this content. How to export and archive...

Instructors are encouraged to attend training on the new Blackboard version.

Please contact or stop by the Walker Teaching Resource Center (401 Hunter) if you have any questions about UTC Online’s new Blackboard version.

UTC Online Administrator