Gift WrappedFaculty,

As you tidy your desk and organize files before heading home for winter break, take the time to archive and export your online courses as well.

A course archive will retain all course information including student activity. It is recommended that you save an archive of every course you teach.  Blackboard will create a zip folder containing your course archive. Do not unzip this file; should you need to restore your course contact the Blackboard Administrator.

Learn more about archiving UTC Online courses in Blackboard.

You will also want to export your UTC Online courses. You will determine during the export, what parts of your course you would like to save and reuse (please read recommendations). Course exports can retain all course content, but will not save any student information or activity. Exports are used to recreate courses in a new course shell. Similar to an archive, Blackboard will create a zip file for each exported course. Do not unzip this file. Import the zip file into Blackboard using Import Package.

Learn more about Exporting UTC Online courses in Blackboard.


Understand the file name of archives and exports. This will help you find the exported and archived zip files saved on your computer.

Download and save the Grade Center from your UTC Online course.

Click here for an example of how to organize your course files on your computer, so you can easy find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Erin Noseworthy
Senior Instructional Designer
Walker Teacher Resource Center