Before your test begins you should make sure all pop-up blockers (any software or application that disables a pop-up) are turned off and close any other software you may be running. Give yourself plenty of time to take the test, accounting for any technical difficulties you may have. Make sure you follow directions from start to finish and be sure not to close out of your test before submitting your attempt.

When taking an online test in UTC Online a student should pay special attention to the test instructions, time limit, and other settings the instructor has implemented. To access a test, click on the title of the test then press begin. If a timer is enabled on your test it will appear underneath the instructions. Each test question will then appear underneath the instructions and timer. Blackboard has an auto-save feature, which will automatically save your answer when you move to the next question. However, if your browser experiences a long period of inactivity (no clicks within the window; checking answers does not count as a click) it may time-out and kick you out of the test. To avoid this click SAVE at the top or bottom of your screen ever couple minutes. Do not hit SUBMIT until you have completed the test.

During your test let the questions load before beginning to answer them. Do not navigate to other Internet sites while in the process of taking your test or use your browser’s navigation buttons to go back or forward in your test. Instead, single click the arrows within the Blackboard test environment to navigate through the questions. Finally, don’t forget to press the SUBMIT button once you are finished!

Tutorials to include:


Lindsay Benitez
Graduate Assistant
Walker Center for Teaching and Learning