Hopefully Spring Break brought some time to log-off and relax from a busy spring semester. The rejuvenating effects of a nice long break may have you feeling on top of your to do list and looking ahead to the end of the semester and the busy summer sessions to come.

If you’re teaching this summer you might have noticed that your summer courses are already available in UTC Online. If you’re raring to get a jump-start on your summer sessions, read on to learn how to customize the look of your course menu. This will help you and your students differentiate one course from another. Stay tuned for Part II on this topic, which will discuss adding an attractive course banner.

Click for Tutorial on Customizing your My Courses Module

To customize a course menu, go to the course’s Control Panel and select Customization and then Style. The course menu can appear as “text,” which is selected in your course by default, or you can choose to use “buttons” in your course menu (seen above). You have the option to change both the background and text color for a “text” menu or choose from a variety of button types and colors for a “button” menu. When choosing font and background color combinations, keep in mind the following rules for readability:

  1. Avoid colors that clash (i.e. appear to vibrate)
  2. Choose colors with enough contrast
  3. Avoid a busy background (e.g. patterned backgrounds)
  4. You can test basic color combinations for readability here.

A preview of your course menu with your selections will appear at the top of the style screen. After you are satisfied with your menu color and design selections, click Submit.

Download step-by-step instructions on Customizing your Course Menu here.

Remember to check back in a few weeks for design tips on adding a customized banner to your UTC Online Course. Or follow UTC Online for daily tweets about Blackboard, online instruction, UTC and more.




Erin Noseworthy
Senior Instructional Designer
Walker Center for Teaching and Learning