Getting bored with the same look of your online class?  Spice things up by adding a customized banner to your course!

Banner example

How do I create the banner?  Though there is no required size or shape for a banner, keep in mind that different sized monitors will display it differently.  A banner that fills the whole screen on a large monitor, may not fully display on a smaller monitor. Generally, a good shape to make your banner is a long rectangle that will fill the space above your course’s landing page (the banner will only appear on the landing page).  You can create your own photo, or you can use an image offline and add text to it by using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, or a more advanced image-editing program.

Check out this video on how to upload a Blackboard banner into Blackboard.

How do I upload the banner?  Once you have created and saved your image, click on the Customization in the Control Panel of your course.  From the list of options that appear, select Style.  This area allows you to customize the color, buttons, and entry point of your course as well as add a banner.  Scroll down toward the bottom of the page where there is an option to select or add a banner, click Browse My Computer, locate your saved image, and click ok. If it has uploaded properly, the image should appear on the page.  If you are satisfied with your banner, click Submit.  Be sure to return to your landing page to make sure you are satisfied with your banners appearance.  You always have the option of enlarging or shrinking your photo and re-uploading it.

Whitney Huskey
Graduate Assistant
Walker Teaching Resource Center