Build Content >File is an easy way to add content to your course.  Files may include Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or PDF documents.  A more detailed explanation of how to add these documents can be found here.


When using Build Content > File, there is an option to have the attached file open in a new window. Always use the option to Open in New Window.



If you choose to not open in a new window, an install plugin message will appear on the screen when the students try to open the file. This plugin is not currently available and the students will have a difficult time opening the file.


Choosing to open the files in a new window should help save you and your students’ time by avoiding unnecessary steps while trying to access the content of the course.

If you are interested in a more detailed tutorial of how to add a file in a content area, click here and choose from one of the various PDFs on building content.


Whitney Huskey
Graduate Assistant
Walker Teaching Resource Center